Simplified Arabic New Testament to be Released Next Week

( [email protected] ) Jan 15, 2004 01:08 PM EST

The official launch for the World Bible Translation Center’s New Testament translation in easy-to-read Arabic is scheduled for next week in Egypt.

We are now printing the brand new complete New Testament in Arabic--printing it in Egypt. We're set to see it get scattered out across the Middle East and north Africa fairly quickly, in the hands of dedicated Christian people,” said World Bible Translation Center’s Dale Randolph.

Randolph reported that over the next three years, the Center plans to “prayerfully” spread at least 250,000 copies of the Scriptures across the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The WBTC website along with an Arabic-language website will offer free text downloads as well.

“We’ll also place the New Testament on newspaper and magazine stands in the streets so it will be available for the man on the street,” Randolph added.

The simplified Arabic New Testament is the WBTC’s 27th New Testament translation. The Old Testament is presently underway.