Instant Christ, a Groundbreaking New App, Seeks to Revolutionize The Way Christians Pray for One Another

( [email protected] ) Oct 05, 2015 05:03 PM EDT
Donald Cyprian believes Instant Christ, a groundbreaking new Christian prayer app for those seeking to socialize with others of the same faith, is going to change the world.
Instant Christ allows believers to connect or pray together digitally in a safe, spiritual environment. Instant Christ

Donald Cyprian believes Instant Christ, a groundbreaking new Christian prayer app for those seeking to socialize with others of the same faith, is going to change the world.

After recommitting his life to Christ three years ago, the Mercedes-Benz finance manager prayed for an opportunity to share the Gospel with the hundreds of lost souls around him.

"I prayed 'God, give me something that can make an impact in this dark world.' I wanted to be used, I wanted to be a modern-day disciple for God's glory. I didn't know what God was going to do, but I knew it was going to be something big," Cyprian told the Gospel Herald in an exclusive interview.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous: while in his office a few weeks later, Cyprian was able to witness to a client, who ended up giving his life to Christ after the two prayed together.

About month later, Cyprian received a call from the man, who told him he had received a message from God: "I was cleaning my house and the Holy Spirit spoke to me about you," the client said. "He wants to connect the body of Christ worldwide through your hands and He wants a social media platform to be called Instant Christ."

"I was driving, and I literally had to pull off on the side of the road because chills overtook my body," Cyprian said of the conversation. "The Holy Spirit told me, 'You wanna change the world? Here you go.'"  

Despite having no previous developer experience, Cyprian instantly got to work, and spent the next seven months creating Instant Christ, which launched on Android last week

While the app targets Christians who want to gather online to pray, connect, or simply find a haven or a spiritual environment, it also allows the more mature Christians to reach out to members who are experiencing spiritual weakness.

Spiritual leaders and pastors can use Instant Christ to upload videos of their sermons to encourage new members to join their church gatherings. They are also able to advertise their church for free and to share a message of faith every month.

Additionally, Instant Christ allows users to customize their prayer circle by individual people, friend networks, or by hashtag so anyone in the world who is signed up can join in. Soon, the app will also include video capabilities so people can see one another pray.

"The Bible teaches us that when people come together to pray in one accord, God will dispatch His angels. Can you imagine, when you hashtag that prayer, you might have 100,000 people praying for you. That means millions of angels are being dispatched on your behalf," Cyprian said of how Instant Christ can revolutionize prayer.

In an effort to create a safe haven for those looking for spiritual encouragement, Instant Christ bans all swear words, violence, and promiscuous images.

"The Christian walk can be hard," Cyprian contends. "With Instant Christ, we have a social platform where people can be free of all distractions. We have a zero tolerance for profanity and other negativity so users can stay spirit-filled and encouraged and not be judged."

Cyprian believes that Instant Christ will ultimately allow Christians to connect with one another on a deeper level and transform the way we pray for one another.

"I'm praying that Instant Christ will change lives. It's not about me -- it's about the Kingdom and for the glory of God. I couldn't have done this on my own," Cyprian said.

"God is showing himself boldly in these last days," he added, "the end is near and God wants to show Himself to as many people as possible. That's why Instant Christ was launched at this time."

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