Coins for Kids Funds see 23% Increase

( [email protected] ) Jan 17, 2004 01:34 PM EST

The Coins for Kids project for Native American missions saw an increase of 32% in funds over the past year, setting the all time highest record for its ministry.

"We've been believing for $100,000 all year," says Debby Seler, national Missionettes coordinator. "God proved faithful and blew us away with more than we could have hoped for."

The total for the 2003 Coins for Kids project reached a phenomenal $111,862.40 in 2003, an increase of $27,387.92 from 2002’s $84,474.48.

The Coins for Kids project this year focused on the Native American Fellowship’s Children’s mentoring program. The gathered funds will be used for after school programs, establishing children's ministries in Native American churches, and providing supplies to lead these ministries.

John E. Maracle, Chief/President of Native American Fellowship, thanked the supporters for their offerings.

Thank you for making Coins for Kids a great success!" said Maracle. “You show us that our special hopes, dreams, and visions can take us far because of who we are in Christ."

The 2004 Coins for Kids project focus will be placed on Thailand’s the House of Grace Orphanage, which shelters children suffering from AIDs.