'19 Kids and Counting' Updates: Jill Duggar Dillard to Share Mission Work Details on Upcoming TLC Specials, Jessa Seewald's Baby Due Anytime

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While things seemed to be looking up for Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald since the long-time reality hit TV show 19 Kids and Counting threw in the towel this May, not everything is going so smoothly for at least one sister.
Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard. Instagram

While things seemed to be looking up for Jill Duggar Dillard and Jessa Duggar Seewald since the long-time reality hit TV show 19 Kids and Counting threw in the towel this May, not everything is going so smoothly for at least one sister.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's daughters didn't get the sorry end of the deal when Josh's earlier sexual molestation of at least five minors came out, which included Jill and Jessa. Although Josh was not officially charged for his crime, this caused him to lose his job and led to the cancelation of the Duggars' lucrative 19 Kids and Counting reality show. The Duggar sisters in the meantime had an offer from TLC to star in their own show.

Now Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard are being accused of mismanaging funds and misleading donors about their mission work in Central America, according to Design Trend.

Earlier Jill and her husband were reported to be planning to move to El Salvador to get involved in missionary work. The alleged problem is that they lack the credentials necessary to do this and were reportedly rejected as missionaries by the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) for this very reason. However, the couple continued to solicit funds for a mission to an undisclosed location in the South America country.

At present, the Dillards are busy flying to and fro Central America and the US and taking Spanish classes while abroad. Their activities would naturally cost a lot of money, which may be significant ever since Dillard quit his job in Walmart in order to set up the non-profit organization with his wife.

Other developments have incurred the ire of the Dillards' donors. The report claims that donors are feeling upset that they have been "misled" by the couple's announcements that downplay their lack of credentials and the fact that no real solid mission work has been established as yet. 

While Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have not issued an official response to the allegations, it is no secret that the Jill and her family have been going on short-term mission outreaches through S.O.S. Ministries to Latin America countries like El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala for the last seven years with their most recent trip to El Salvador last year. 

19 Kids and Counting
The Duggars with the locals during a past mission trip to Latin America. Photo: S.O.S. Ministries
19 Kids and Counting
Jill Duggar Dillard and her family in El Salvador during their family's annual mission trip. Photo: S.O.S. Ministries

In a 19 Kids and Counting "Vive Les Duggars" episode, the Duggar family, including Jill and Jessa, are shown serving the locals in the impoverished, mountainous areas in Latin America. While the Dillards certainly have solid experiences in mission work, the question remains on the details of their work since their commissioning and relocation to El Salvador. 

In a recent Instagram post, Derick wrote, "We are so grateful for the support of our church fellowship Cross Church as we were officially commissioned during the morning service today."

Some publications reported that the 'commissioning' apparently was a simple prayer over the couple, despite how it was the Southern Baptist Convention president Dr. Ronnie Floyd, who gave the prayer of commissioning. 

Jill and Derick Dillard Mission Commission
Ronnie Floyd, former Southern Baptist Convention President, commissions Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard for mission work in El Salvador. (Photo: Dillard Family Blog)

In order to qualify for mission work, Derick must have a bachelor's degree in biblical studies, theology, missions, evangelism, and preaching. Jill needs 12 college credit hours, a requirement for all spouses of Baptist missionaries. None of the requirements have as of yet been fulfilled. 

According to the Dillard's blog, the couple are asking the fans and supporters to stay tuned to the new specials on TLC, in which they will share details of their mission work and about the challenges of taking their family to a different country, culture and learning a new language. 

In the meantime, things are getting more exciting for the other Duggar sister Jessa of the 19 Kids and Counting fame, as she is described as being ready to "pop out" a new baby at any given moment, the Christian Post reports.

The report further mentions that Jessa will not be following the family tradition of naming their children with the letter J. She and her husband Ben are reportedly more keen on adopting children and are now in the process of fulfilling requirements for adoption.

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