In Amazing Display Of Generosity, Church Gives Pizza Driver $1,000 from Collection Plate: 'It Was The Biggest Blessing I've Ever Received'

( [email protected] ) Oct 14, 2015 03:15 PM EDT

In an incredible display of generosity and kindness, an Ohio church congregation ordered a pizza from Domino's during a service, then tipped the driver more than $1,000 that it had been collected for the offering.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the driver, Natasha Boyer, brought the $5.99 pizza to Sycamore Creek Church in Pickerington in suburban Columbus on Oct. 4.

During the service, the Rev. Steve Markle brought her onstage and asked her the biggest tip she'd ever received. She said about $10.

"Natasha, we've been teaching our church this last month about being generous, and so we did something special for you today. We took up a special offering for a tip for you...from our three services combined, we collected this much money," the pastor responded, handing her a large stack of money, which totaled over $1,000.

"I hope this can help you...I don't know what's going on in your life," he added.

After bursting into tears, Natasha held the money to her heart and hugged the pastor as the congregation applauded, according to video footage of the event.

"Thank you so much," she tearfully told the congregation.

In a later interview, Boyer told NBC 4 that she works about 55 hours a week as an assistant manager at a local Dominos, but she hasn't been paid for several days of work because an illness forced her to stay home. Because of her illness, she was behind on rent, and the gift allowed her to pay her rent and late fee, keeping the house where she lives with her son.

"They saved me," she said. "God saved me from losing my place. I mean it was truly the biggest blessing that I've ever received."

Sycamore Creek's website says the church, which draws about 500 to 600 people each week, seeks to "change the world by changing lives."

"We are a caring community of people excited about growing closer to God and reaching out to others. From the very beginning our goal has been to have all those who come in contact with SCC have the opportunity for a changed life," the website reads.

According to the Dispatch, the congregation was wrapping up a sermon series on "I was Broke. Now I'm Not."

"Just to know that it blessed (her) in that way and helped somebody that had a true need - boy that means so much to us and we're just so thankful that it happened for (Boyer)," Markle told NBC 4.