'I Have My Own Special Relationship with God' – Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Oct 19, 2015 02:54 PM EDT

More and more celebrities are becoming open of their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. One of them is Dwayne Johnson, who is most known for his screen name "The Rock".

"I have my own special relationship with God, you know, and I certainly, I feel very blessed. I count my blessings, every day," Johnson said in an interview.

He admitted that one of the hardest parts in his journey is not knowing what is going to happen in the future. He believed that at some form, not just in financial aspect but in all other ways, he will learn from the things and the decisions that he makes at the time. He spoke about his uncertainty in life five or six years ago and the things that kept him going. He shared his faith in God.

"At that time, which was five or six years ago, for me I was little unsure of what was actually gonna happen, you know, so I just have to, you know, put my faith in God and continue to work hard and hopefully good things will happen," Johnson shared during the interview.

When asked if it is his faith that kept him going, Johnson answered that it is his faith, his family and the support he has around him; they are the things that made his life a lot easier.

Dwayne Johnson got his screen name "The Rock" from being a professional WWE wrestler, a profession that he has succeeded from his father, Rocky Johnson. Johnson is considered to be "the biggest superstar" in the wrestling history as affirmed by WWE legend Hulk Hogan. His entertainment career started when he took the lead role in the 2002 movie, The Scorpion King. The movie became a hit which earned him roles in several other films in the course of his showbiz career. He has been casted and given major roles in big hits such as The Game Plan, Faster and portrays the character of Luke Hobbs, the overzealous and adrenaline junkie detective helping, if not going after, the lead characters of the movie franchise, Fast and Furious. He also gained praises in many other movies that he starred in, making him the top-grossing actor of 2013, according to Forbes magazine.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson does not always speak about his faith to the public though he expresses his relationship with God through his social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Myspace.

Dwayne Johnson
One of The Rock’s twitter posts that shows his faith in God and the Bible.

Johnson also shared his struggle with depression when he was younger in an article published by Christianpost.com last June 2014. Although his past has been difficult, it all led him to the fame and success that he has right now.

As more celebrities come forward, finding their hope in Jesus Christ, let us hope that the love of God will be known by more people through the lives of the believers in Hollywood. There is hope in God.