Unreached Groups in America?

American Missionary Fellowship to Establish 12 New Centers
( [email protected] ) Jan 21, 2004 01:47 PM EST

The American Missionary Fellowship will begin training missionaries to start US-based “Learning Communities” for the unreached groups in America this March.

"We want them to focus on reaching some unreached people groups in the U-S. At the same time a discipleship aspect will take place where we're training other leaders that will be able to take the Bible study and continue to lead it," said AMF’s Ed Henderson.

Statistics show there are many college campuses and ethnic communities where many indigenous American citizens and foreign students were never exposed to the Gospel. For these people, the bible studies “Learning Communities” are a God-sent.

"We believe it's a time in America that we need to create a new spin on Bible studies and we're calling them learning communities," says Henderson.

The situation is similar in the urban centers in the country as well.

"There are those in our inner cities and our suburbs that are unreached because no one has taken the Gospel into those communities. Neighborhood after neighborhood where there is no influence of the church whatsoever,” said Henderson.

The newly trained missionaries will be dispatched to Biblical learning centers that give opportunities to those who never heard. Currently, 12 “Learning Communities” are underway.

AMF is a missions group targeted toward the yet unreached peoples of America. Their four-tier goals are: Planting churches in rural and urban communities where there is presently no clear gospel witness; Influencing America's future by reaching children and young people; Establishing ministry centers in the inner cities where there are desperate spiritual needs; Multiplying our ministries to peoples of other cultures.