New Tribe Mission Prepares Naso Outreach

( [email protected] ) Jan 22, 2004 11:55 AM EST

New Tribe Mission is preparing for the outreach to another unreached people group in Panama. Within the next few months, the Naso people of Panama will be able to hear the word of Christ’s salvation.

Currently, the NTM group is getting ready to teach; since many of the people are illiterate, the missionaries have been teaching them how to read and write in their native language. The missionaries also held arts and craft workshops for the people interested in learning the gospel.

"They taught them how to draw and also to do other types of things. So, they're now illustrating their own books and they have also used what they've learned to make artifacts that they can now sell and it's becoming a way for them to earn money for themselves,” said NTM’s Nita Zelenac.

According to Zelenac, this artist workshop is opening doors for evangelism.

"So, the end result of this team coming down has been one of being a blessing to the group in practical ways and building a deeper friendship between the tribal group people and the missionaries,” said Zelenac.

New Tribes expects the Bible Study lessons to begin within the next few months.

"The Naso people of Panama at this stage, have not heard the Gospel and the missionary team that's working with them is just beginning to prepare the lessons this month.” Said Zelenac. “They're in the process of doing that right now and as soon as those lessons are prepared they will begin teaching."