Margot Robbie Took Time Out to Feed Children in Philippines

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2015 01:55 PM EDT
Margot Robbie proved that she is not just another pretty face in the entertainment industry.
The “Wolf of Wall Street” star with her beau, Tom Ackerly, took time to feed
underprivileged children in the Philippines. Image from Rise Above Foundation Facebook account.

In her recent Instagram post, Robbie encouraged her followers to support a Cebu-based foundation, Rise Above Foundation Cebu, in feeding children in slum areas of Cebu.

"If you visit the #philippines I IMPLORE you to do this! £100 feeds 400 kids. Or simply donate online and someone can do the cooking for you :)," Robbie stated in her Instagram post.

Robbie with her beau and some friends came to the Philippines to film parts of her upcoming movie "Tarzan" at the same time having some vacation time for herself. According to a Facebook post of the official website of Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Robbie and her company met the director of the foundation in the airport and got to talk about the feeding program. They then decided to support the program and cook for the children. More photos at

During the visit, Robbie and her friends, went into the slums themselves and distributed food tickets to the children. For a star as her, this is such a compassionate picture that shows her heart towards the poor people.

Comments flooded on Robbie's account showing praises for her compassionate act.

"Wow. Just wow. I'm expecting another tourist spot photo after ur #bohol pic so this is heartwarming. Thank u for doing this. U came in the Phil with a purpose. @margotrobbie tell ur friends thanks too!" one IG follower commented on her photo.

Margot Robbie appeared in movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo de Caprio, Focus with Will Smith, and have two upcoming movies in 2016 which will be the remake of the Tarzan movie where she will play as Jane Porter, and the most anticipated Marvel movie, Suicide Squad.

Robbie is an Australian actress born in Dalby, Queensland and raised on the Gold Coast, according to her bio in She started her acting career by being cast in some independent films. Her big break came when she appeared in the soap opera, The Neighbors in 2008. She left the show on 2010 to pursue the career in Hollywood and quickly got the role of "Laura Cameron" in the ABC drama, Pan Am, according to the information from IMDB.

Now, Robbie is known as one of the prettiest faces in Hollywood and is best known for her daring acts in The Wolf of Wall Street as the second wife of Jordan Belfort, the role played by Leonardo de Caprio. It was even reported in the online tabloid Cinemablend, that Robbie's role in the movie is described as the "hottest blonde ever."

It is good to see such people who rose so high yet never forget to look back down and help people up. We are praying for more people who, like her, will show love and respect to the underprivileged ones. More power to you, Margot!

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