19 Year Old Syrian Prisoner Crushed To Death By Battle Tank, Murdered by ISIS

( [email protected] ) Oct 27, 2015 02:07 PM EDT
Hearts are broken in the news of another person killed by the Islamic State militants also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants in the heat of the Syria Civil War.
Islamic State militant soldiers trying to justify this soldier’s murder by means of avenging their dead brothers' honor. Image from Daily Mail.

19-year-old Fadi Ammar Zidan, a Syrian soldier, held captive by the ISIS, was shown in a video footage released by the terrorist organization, as he was run over by a battle tank. The video footage was released on the 24th of October according to report from IB Times. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) named the soldier and noted that this is the first of such execution done by the ISIS.

In the video footage, Zidan was forced to give a confession of driving over the bodies of jihadis with a tank, reported the christiantoday.com. The Islamic terrorist group then justified their action by giving a statement that this is a punishment for a wrong done to them by the soldier.

"This apostate dirty Nusayri ran over our brothers who were dead in a tank so it was decided that he will be run over by the tank while he is alive," the ISIS fighter said, in the Christiantoday.com report.

The video footage then went on to show the soldier in front of the battle tank until he was run over. The video further showed horrific images of Fidan's dismembered and lifeless body, reported by Daily Mail.

There were reports that SOHR received information from the terrorist group that they will start executing in such manner so it is feared that this could not be the last of it. Earlier this month a Sudanese Christian was also killed by the ISIS by beheading him, Christian Today reported. It was also reported that the video was released soon after a major raid done by US and Kurdish forces in an Iraqi prison freeing 70 hostages held by the ISIS militant group.

Another death at the hands of the ISIS was reported earlier this week. Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler, an American soldier who was believed to be a member of the Army's top Delta Force, was killed during a raid in northern Iraq, reported by Daily Mail. It was further reported by the same online site that six ISIS fighters were arrested, and some 20 were reportedly killed during this operation that aimed to rescue 69 Iraqis who were about to be executed by ISIS.



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