'Stephen Curry Still Isn’t Human': Christian NBA MVP Scores 40 Points in Warriors' Season Opening Game

( [email protected] ) Oct 28, 2015 11:18 AM EDT
Self-professed Christian and NBA season 2014-15’s Most Valuable Player, Stephen Curry is now again on the run of being the Most Valuable Player of the new NBA season.
Stephen Curry with the Warriors takes lead on NBA season 2015-16's opening night with 111-95 over Pelicans. Image from ESPN Twitter account.

Comments of praises flooded the internet as Curry goes off for 40 points in the season opening, winning 111-95 over the New Orleans Pelicans. His name even became the second top trending topic for today on the popular social networking sites, Twitter. Many are amazed of how Curry started off the season with an amazing lead, and many more are considering that he might just grab another MVP for this NBA season.

According to a report in SB Nation, Curry started the game 8-11 for 22 points in the first 10 minutes of the first quarter. ESPN even posted a video of the shots that gave Curry the 24-first quarter points for the opening night's game. ESPN even described this game "the best opening-night 1st quarter in the last 20 years. SportingNews.com affirmed this statement as they stated that Curry's 24 points are the most for any player in the first quarter of a season opener in the last 20 years. This seemed to show that there might just be no slowing down for Stephen Curry this season, as he could just be warming up. Washington Post article even placed Warriors on top of the list of being this year's NBA winner. It is exciting to watch this season's NBA games because of the blast the opening game has started.

It can be remembered that Curry's name became most popular after showing great moves during the NBA season 2014-15 with his team the Golden State Warriors. The season was concluded with Warriors besting all of the other teams and with Curry being declared as the season's MVP. After this win, Curry went on with several product endorsements and other engagements but it is good to see that he is not letting them be a hindrance to keeping up his game. In his rose to fame, however, he did not forget to give credit to his "inspiration". 

In his statement to CNSNews.com, he mentioned that "he gave his life to Christ" and that God is his inspiration, and it is also God who made a way for him to his career now. He sees that God has a plan for him all along. In the same article, he then went on to say that "God is his driving force". 

The Warriors head coach, Mark Jackson, became a big influence on Curry and his team. Jackson is also a believer and a pastor of a congregation in Southern California. Curry believes that this is God's way for him to influence more people and touch people's lives. His belief drives him that even in his product endorsements he wanted to glorify God. He did so by featuring a Bible verse on his new shoes endorsement, Under Armour, that says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)". As BillyGraham.org described Curry, "he is a guy that when you look at, you would want your son to be like him".

This season's NBA, may he touch more lives for God.

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