Christian Group Helps Release “Fetish Slaves” in Ghana

( [email protected] ) Jan 22, 2004 11:55 AM EST

Every Child Ministries facilitating the legislation that secures the freedom of 95 “fetish slaves” – young virgin girls who were offered to priests as reparations for the sins of their family members. The practice is a tradition that was passed down for several decades in Ghana.

"The country of Ghana passed legislation in 1998 against this, but they have not been enforcing it. So, Christian organizations have been negotiating and facilitating with the Trokosi shrines to liberate the women. And, this is the second one in one year that Every Child has helped out with,” said John Rouster, ECM missionary to Ghana.

After their release, Rouster says ECM offers follow up meetings with counselors to help the women.

“Lord willing Every Child Ministries will be following up with counselors for the women and helping get the children in the school system,” said Rouster. “There has been an excellent reception of the women to Christ with other groups and Every Child Ministries. The women have been liberated when they hear the Good News about Jesus Christ."

However, Rouster noted there are thousands more still in bondage.

"There's still between 1,500 to 2,000 women in the country of Ghana that are in this system. Negotiations can take anywhere from one to four years usually. Some shines are even refusing to negotiate.