NBA 2K16 Locker Codes, Cheats and Guide

( [email protected] ) Oct 28, 2015 07:49 PM EDT

NBA 2K16 Screenshot (2K Sports)

NBA 2K16 Screenshot (2K Sports)

November locker codes for NBA 2K16 are now available just as the month of October comes to a close. Players should be aware that these codes do expire. So, it is important to redeem these codes as soon as possible. For those who just getting into the game, locker codes give players perks. These advantages include level-ups, virtual currency and the occasional old-school NBA star.

Without further ado, here are the codes that come courtesy of CheatCC:

  • Unlocks 500 VC - SHOOT2MUCH500
  • Unlocks 1,000 VC - 2KTVPOSTSEASON
  • Unlocks Random Item - #AIRCRAFTCARRIER
  • Unlocks Random Item - RA9M5-EQZCF-2EYQQ-IF5AF-UEP51
  • Unlocks ABA Ball - PAYRESPECT

The publication published a list of codes that have already expired. Gamers should take note of that list before attempting to input older codes.

Other "Cheat" Methods

A great article by Gaming Bolt offers a great tip that may give gamers an advantage on the court. This strategy revolves around a good offense using PlayVision. The function allows the players to see how an offensive play will pan out during gameplay.

To access Play Vision, the player should got to "Options" and "Coach Settings". Under "Coach Settings", switch "Offensive PlayVision" to All Plays. Next, change "PlayVision Display" to "full", and all "Playcalling" to "Auto". These steps will turn on PlayVision.

Another piece of advice offered by the publication includes looking at the Shot Meter near the NBA player's foot. Doing so allows the gamer to time the shot perfectly, and ensure a higher probability of scoring. Be mindful that each player gets 24 seconds to score. So, patience is the essential.

NBA 2K16 Simulation Predicts Another Warrior Victory Over Cavs

Due to its attention to detail and realism, the NBA 2K series has long been used to simulate games that have yet to take place. Sometimes the results are surprising.

This year, a simulation using NBA 2K16 predicts that the Golden State Warriors will best the Cleveland Cavaliers yet again. The only thing different is that the Warriors need seven wins.

An NBA 2K15 simulation from last year predicted the Warriors defeating the Cavs in six games at the NBA Finals. 

Another surprising prediction is that the Warriors will finish second to Oklahoma City. Still, NBA fans should take the results of the simulation with a healthy grain of salt. After all, the simulations are just activities of mindless fun. Nothing in the universe contains absolute certainty, which is especially so in the world of sports.