Netflix's Marvel Series Release Date, Trailers: Daredevil Season 2, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist

( [email protected] ) Oct 28, 2015 07:46 PM EDT

Film Still: Jessica Jones confronts The Purple Man (Source: Netflix)

Jessica Jones confronts The Purple Man (Source: Netflix)

MCU fans will definitely rejoice now that Netflix has confirmed three series that will take place in the Marvel's universe. These include Daredevil Season 2, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Marvel is having trouble adapting Iron Fist. Recent gossip purports that the comic book empire may ultimately replace Iron Fist with a Punisher-adaptation instead.

Jessica Jones: What We Know So Far

Netflix has recently unveiled its full trailer for Jessica Jones. Based on what was shown, the story will more or less follow the original comic book story.

Jones is a former superheroine turned private investigator. The character still struggles with trauma she endured at the hands of the so-called Purple Man, who subjected her to psychological and sexual torture.

In the present, Jessica struggles with PTSD while self-medicating on alcohol. Working out of New York City's infamous Hell's Kitchen district, she fights crimes with her investigative skills and still-present superpowers. The trailer reveals that the Purple Man is back, and he has nefarious plans in mind. Jones will have to face her demons once again.

Actress Krysten Ritter will play Jessica Jones. Longtime television viewers will more likely remember Ritter for her role as Jane Margolis in the hit AMC series Breaking Bad. Jessica Jones debuts on Netflix in its entirety on November 20, 2015.

Daredevil Season Two: Elektra and Punisher Teased

Earlier this April, Daredevil premiered to rave reviews by viewers and critics alike. The more recent Netflix and Marvel collaborative effort was successful, driving fan hype on future projects. Happily, Netflix is bringing back Matthew Murdock for yet another run. For those who are unfamiliar with the MCU, Matthew moonlights as Daredevil when not working as a lawyer.

The official NYCC trailer teases two more iconic superheroes from the Marvel Comic Universe. They include Elektra and the Punisher. Albeit, the Punisher was hinted at by an x-ray scan showing a prominent skull. This is the symbol that is printed on the Punisher's chest.

Naturally, not much information can be gleaned from the 30-second early trailer. We see Matt Murdock and friends sitting solemnly at a Catholic church. "Father why do I still feel guilty," Matt asks the priest, Father Lathom. "Guilt can be a good thing," Lathom calmly replies. "It's an indication that your work is not yet finished."

Apart from announcing that Daredevil is returning in 2016, Netflix has not given a concrete release date. Even so, main star Charlie Cox told Empire that Daredevil Season 2 will likely be released in the same time frame as the first season.


Luke Cage: Filming Continues

Jessica Jones' love-interest Luke Cage will get his own series on Netflix. As fans have already noted, Cage will also make a regular appearance on Jessica Jones.

Filming for Luke Cage has already begun in New York City, with most of the work being done in Brooklyn and Long Island City. Apparently, the choice of those locations is due to the fact that they still resemble the old Hell's Kitchen.

Possessing the power of impenetrable skin, Luke defends the innocents on street level while other heroes have bigger fish to fry. Like Jessica, the Cage has his own past demons to fight. Sadly, Netflix has yet to launch a teaser that may offer clues on what is to come.

For now, fans will have to settle for production stills kindly provided by Coming Soon. Mike Colter will play Luke Cage. The actor's credits include Notorious and NCIS: Los Angeles. Cheo Hodari Coker is the executive producer for the series.


Iron Fist in Trouble? Will Punisher Be Made Instead?

Meanwhile, there have been rumors that Netflix is not doing well with its live-adaptation of Iron Fist. Last Friday, Peel the Orange came out with a tip from an anonymous source suggesting that Marvel may decide to replace Iron Fist with The Punisher.

"Marvel can't quite seem to figure out how to put Iron Fist into the equation and time is running out. They're very pleased with [actor] Jon Bernthal's portrayal of Frank Castle for Season 2 of Daredevil and know that the fans have a great appreciation for the character," the alleged insider shared.  "They also know that a Punisher series would be much cheaper and more marketable. They have a contract with Netflix and have to do something. It appears that for this phase of shows, time is running thin for Iron Fist."

The publication advised readers to take this information with a grain of salt, and this is a view that many observers share. However, this is not the first rumor that claimed Marvel is having trouble with the Iron Fist live-adaptation.

Previously, CinemaBlend reported that Marvel could not decide on a direction for the series, even though the comic book giant has consulted many people. For now, MCU fans will need to wait patiently for more word from Marvel.