Longmire Season 5 Netflix Release Date, Spoilers, Renewal News Update: Will It Be Cancelled?

( [email protected] ) Oct 29, 2015 11:15 AM EDT
Season 5 of Netflix's original series Longmire is still up in the air as the streaming service giant has yet to make formal announcement if the series will be renewed of has been axed from its line up.
Longmire should be back for a Season 5. Netflix

Season 5 of Netflix's original series Longmire is still up in the air as the streaming service giant has yet to make a formal announcement if the series are to be renewed or has been axed from its lineup.

Already, loyal fans of the popular series have started an online petition to pressure the streaming service giant to renew the series for Season 5. Longmire was initially shown on A&E but was cancelled after three seasons. Despite that, the series has received tremendous positive feedbacks from fans. After all, A&E cancelled Longmire not because it is not catching enough in the rating war or controversial episodes. In fact, crime drama series has been enjoying good ratings.

In a report Yahoo! TV stated that A&E decided to cancel Longmire after its three-season run "because the series found its largest audience amidst a specialized (re: older) demographic." Luckily for the fans, Netflix bought the rights of Longmire and continued with the series.

Longmire star Robert Taylor, who plays the titular Wyoming lawman, Sherriff Walter Longmire, was quoted as saying following announcement Netflix will continue the series to the delight of its devoted fan base, "We're not changing the show at all. But one of the benefits of being on Netflix is that there are no commercial breaks. On A&E, we always had to lose great stuff, because of commercials. With Netflix, they don't care. So you'll find that the episodes are closer to 60 minutes than 40 minutes. What a gift!"

"We had a lot more confidence than we had doubts about the show finding a new home," says executive producer, Hunt Baldwin. "I think we refused to believe it, because we weren't done."

Executive producer John Coveny added, "This comeback was a case of blood, sweat and tears. Blood was pumping through us to bring it back, we sweated to get it done and tears were shed in the [Netflix] pitch meeting. That was about the emotion and love of the show; we knew it was carrying a lot of people with it."

"We threw a lot of knives in the air in Season 3, and we've caught a lot of them in Season 4. When we pitched the series to Netflix, they talked about how long we want to keep the show going. Realistically, we have Seasons 8, 9 and 10 in our heads; it's a rich world, and we're just beginning to scratch the surface of it," Coveny stated.

After one episode on Netflix, fans of the show are facing the same dilemma about Longmire's future.

A previous report by Gospel Herald claimed that Netflix still has not issued a renewal order for another season of Longmire. This piece of bad news has prompted devoted fans not only to launch an online petition but create an online event as well to raise awareness about the show's fan base.

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