Christian Mother-Of-Eight Brutally Slaughtered By Muslim Mob In Uganda Because She Refused to Stop Sharing The Gospel

( [email protected] ) Oct 30, 2015 12:25 PM EDT
A Christian mother in Uganda was recently beaten to death a mob of Muslims because she and her family refused to stop preaching the gospel despite ongoing threats.
While Christians make up the majority of Uganda's population, persecution has increased over the past several years due to the rise of extremist groups like Al-shabab. AP photo

A Christian mother in Uganda was recently beaten to death a mob of Muslims because she and her family refused to stop preaching the gospel despite ongoing threats.

According to a report from Morning Star News, Mamwikomba Mwanika, a mother of eight children, was taken from her home in Kalampete village in Kibuku District and killed last week. A short time earlier, her brother-in-law, Samson Nfunyeku, was killed in the same village after debating with Islamic scholars.

The report notes that Mwanika opened the door of her home to a mob of Muslims who demanded to see her husband, also a Christian. However, her husband was not at home, further angering the mob.

"Your husband has followed the religion of his brother, and we had warned you people to stop these activities, but our message has landed on deaf ears," the Muslims told her.

Mwanika's 13-year-old daughter told Morning Star News that the mob then "dragged our mother outside the house as she screamed and cried for help."

A short time later, she was found by her husband and neighbors in a pool of blood near her home. While she was still alive when they found her, Mwanika died en route to hospital.

"I know that the attackers are looking for me," her husband, George Mwanika, said following the incident. "We are seeking God's protection and His peace. May God give me the courage to continue sharing the love of Christ to those who are lost, as Jesus said we should love our enemies."

He added, "We really need prayers."

According to East African Center for Law and Justice (EACLJ), Christians make up about 84% of Uganda's population, and Muslims, who are primarily Sunni, represent 12% of the population.

Despite the statistics, there are many cases of persecution in this country, the EACLJ notes, primarily due to the rise of Muslim extremist groups like Al-shabab. 

In August, a Muslim man beat and left for dead his wife and 18-year-old son after learning they had converted to Christianity in Uganda's Namutumba District.

Two months earlier, the wife of a former sheikh and mother of 11 children was poisoned to death after she and her husband put their faith in Christ in the country's Kibuku District.

Morning Star news notes that in March, five Muslims gang-raped the 17-year-old daughter of a pastor because the church leader ignored their warnings that he stop worship services in the Budaka District.

Then, last Christmas, Muslims threw acid on a church pastor, leaving him with severe burns, blinding one eye and threatening sight in the other.

"I was attacked by a man who claimed to be a Christian," the pastor, Umar Mulinde, recalled. "He called out to me shouting 'pastor, pastor,' and as I turned to see who he was, he poured acid which burnt part of my face. As I turned away from the attacker, another man poured the liquid on my back and ran away shouting 'Allah Akbar' (god is great)."

Speaking to National Review, Mulinde, who now pastors a church of 1,000 in Israel, cautioned Americans: "Leaders in your country are not telling the truth about Islam," he warned. "It is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of fear, not love. . . . Thank God I am free today from the chains that once bound me."