Putting the Good Book into Good Use

( [email protected] ) Jan 27, 2004 12:49 PM EST

Christian Resources International calls upon Christians across the States to donate their unused or excess bible, bible dictionaries, commentaries, tracts and other materials to help with their missions abroad.

Since its inception 50 years ago, CRI have collected and sent more than 250,000 pounds of materials overseas.

We have been busy at the work of collecting new and used Christian literature and distributing that to missionaries and foreign nationals who are out on the mission field,” said CRI’s Executive Director Mark Campo.

According to Campos, the used literature is highly needed because of the nature of the ministry’s work. Many of the people receiving the donations have nothing to read, and even nothing to preach with.

"We're dealing with folks who literally have nothing. We get letters all the time from foreign national pastors who are teaching their whole church out of a little tiny Gideon's New Testament," said Campo. "They have no other theological materials to work with. No concordance, no Bible dictionary, no commentary, no anything." So, even used books and literature can help in an incredible way.

And the materials are useful even though they are in English rather than a foreign tongue. "If you live in a third world country and you want to improve your station in life, it's pretty critical that you learn a trade language. And, the primary trade languages are English and Spanish." Typically, missionaries invite people into their homes and say, 'we'll teach you English.' And, of course the material that they're using is Sunday school materials,” said Campo.

For more information on how to give to CRI ministries, visit their website at www.cribooks.org.