IMB Releases Three Resources for AIDS Fight

( [email protected] ) Jan 28, 2004 12:16 PM EST

The International Mission Board released three new weapons to battle the deadly AIDS/HIV virus that claimed the lives of 3 million in 2003 alone.

“Faces of AIDS” is a new website that provides a comprehensive resource on AIDS’ global reach and how a church or individual can make a difference. Visitors to the site -- -- can watch and listen to the stories and testimonies of those inflicted with AIDS, and read photo essays that introduce homes for AIDS orphans and adult sufferers. There is also an interactive map that shows the impact of AIDS on various regions and how governments are dealing with it.

The second resource is a new video, entitled, "AIDS: Steal, Kill and Destroy", that explains different ways to combat the AIDS/HIV crises that is plaguing the world. Viewers learn how the True Love Waits abstinence program lowered Uganda's infection rate by 25 percent. The video also reveals how God's heart breaks for India's "untouchables" and challenges viewers to get involved themselves. The video can be ordered through the IMB by phone: 1-800-999-3113.

The final resource is an online magazine, “theCOMMISSION,” that gives readers an in-depth setting to explore the AIDS issue. TC-Online helps a reader understand the big picture of the global AIDS epidemic, and teaches readers about ministering in crises.