GameStop Xbox One and Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals 2015; Games, Bundles and Accessories

( [email protected] ) Nov 10, 2015 11:11 AM EST
Video gamers are in for a big treat this year. Earlier this week, there are reports about the leaked Black Friday ads of GameStop.
Black Friday is being replaced by Black November Black Friday

Video gamers are in for a big treat this year. Earlier this week, there are reports about the leaked Black Friday ads of GameStop.

GameStop has released a full 12-page flyer that could help you plan your shopping attack this year.

The ad lists the best slate of deals coming from one of America's biggest chain of stores that features a broad range of gaming consoles, bundles, accessories, and video games.

The leaked GameStop Black Friday ad for this year offers a big discount. Microsoft's 500 GB Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition bundle is now at $299.99. You can also have Sony's 500 GB PS4 bundle for the same price.

Furthermore, other Xbox One bundles like Elite Bundle can now be yours at the discounted price of $50.

With these offers, GameStop is now on equal footing with other gaming retailers that offered Xbox One and PS4 consoles with $50 price cut.

Moreover, the company offers more budget-friendly deals this year. They are also offering a special discount on all pre-owned Xbox 360, Ps3, 3DS and 3Ds XL systems.

Gamers can have three pre-owned PS3 console for the price of $160. For the used three Nintendo DS consoles, the retailer is selling them for $160.

The leaked ad shows that the original Xbox 360, 80 GB PS3 and 3DS are now at $79.99. Also, when you buy two 3DS XL, you will get one free for $99.99.

Gamers commented that the offer is good news for buyers who want to give "solid" gifts this Christmas season.

The ad also said that GameStop gives out a $40 rebate for the Xbox 360 this year.

The sale will run from Friday, November 27 to Sunday, November 29. They will be closed on Thanksgiving.

According to business experts, Black Friday is routinely the busiest shopping day of the year since 2005.

Estimates shows that in 2014, more than $50.9 billion were spent during the 4-day Black Friday weekend. That rate decreased by 11% from the previous year. While approximately 133 million U.S. consumers shopped during the same period, down 5.2% from last year's 141 million.

During this time of the year, shoppers camp outside the stores over the Thanksgiving holiday to secure a place in front of the line. By doing that, they would also have a better chance to buy their desired items.

So, start planning what items you would get by checking out the deals from GameStop's Black Friday offers, said Forbes.


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