Walmart, Target, Kohl's Black Friday 2015 Deals: Hot Deals on Videogames, Consoles, TVs and More

( [email protected] ) Nov 10, 2015 09:57 PM EST

Black Friday 2015 deals for Walmart, Target and Kohls have been leaked on the internet in the weeks leading up to the infamous event. As expected, discounts will be made on items across the board.


Of the three mentioned retailers, Walmart is keeping a tight lid on what is going on at its onsite retail locations.

Still, Walmart discount offers have been cropping up on the store's official online shopping site. Also, the merchant is likely to release onsite Black Friday very soon. GottaBeMobile recommends interested customers should download Walmart's official app to receive the latest Black Friday 2015 update. The app can be found here.

Regarding online sales, Walmart is offering a few discount items, according to Polygon. These will be part of the retailer's Season's Best Online Specials campagain. Notable items include a $429 two-game bundle that includes Call of Duty III on PS4, along with a choice of either FIFA 16 or Madden. Those who want FIFA 16 by itself can purchase the $399 limited edition bundle that includes headset and controller.

Buyers who purchase an all-new Nintendo 3DS handheld will also get Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle for only $199. All of these deals come with free shipping.


Unlike Walmart, Target has had more details leaked in recent days. Officially, the

store is not saying much in regards to what it is offering on Black Friday. But according to various third-party reports throughout the web, the nationwide chain is offering huge price slashes on popular electronics and mobile devices.

Apple products have especially been getting particular attention. These include iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. Keep in mind, discounts are more likely going to be offered on iPhones that require 2-year subscription thru Verizon or Sprint.

A 16GB iPhone 6s Plus with 2-year contract may sell for $249.99, while the 16GB iPhone 6s with subscription will be going for $149.99. The iPad Air 2 is reportedly going up for $499 with free $150 Target Gift Card. An original iPad Air may be selling for $399 with free $100 Target Gift Card.

For Android users, Samsung devices are also getting discounts. BGR reports that Target is bringing down the price of the 32GB Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and 32GB Galaxy S6 to just one cent. The only caveat is that both devices require a two-year commitment to a wireless service plan thru Verizon or Sprint.


Courtesy of, Kohl's Black Friday ads have been leaked. Discounts have been included for videogames, consoles, TVs and digital cameras.

Both the PlayStation 4 500GB Uncharted Bundle and Xbox One 500GB Lego Movie Bundle are selling for $299.99 each. Gamers can also buy the Nintendo 3DS XL for just $179.99, from an original retail value of $199.99. Those in the market for controllers can purchase either a PS4 DualShock Wireless Controller $49.99 or Xbox One Wireless Controller for $39.99.

For TVs, there are various offers. A Westinghouse LED HDTV 32-inch will cost $99.99, which is down $100. Samsung's LED Smart HDTV runs to $319.99 - saving customers $110. After a $60 discount, buyers will only need to pay $369.99 for a 49-inch LG LED TV.

Aspiring photographers desiring an entry-level DSLR on discount can consider purchasing a Canon EOS Rebel T5 digital SLR camera bundle for only $399.99. Accessories include camera bag, 18-55mm lens and 75-300mm lens. This entire package saves customers $400.