Holly Holm Linked to Steroid-Selling Company, Win over Ronda Rousey Under Suspicion

( [email protected] ) Nov 20, 2015 02:31 AM EST
Holly Holm's relationship with Intel Pharma is said to be suspicious.
Holly Holm won over Ronda Rousey Facebook/Holly Holm

Following her shocking win against Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, there are now rumors that Holly Holm did it with the use of steroids. She is said to be connected to a company that sells steroids, putting her strength, and win into question. 

A preacher's daughter, Holm shot to the global spotlight with her early Sunday win over Ronda Rousey. Because Rousey was such a heavily favored player at the time, many could not believe Holm won. Unfortunately, it had been discovered that she is connected to a company that sells steroids, Intel Pharma. This makes her win even more controversial. 

According to USA Today, even though the connection of Holm to Intel Pharma is not a confirmation of anything fishy, it does not look good for the new UFC Champ. The Texas-based company sells supplements that have substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Because UFC adheres to US Anti-Doping Agency's rules, her relationship with the company can be considered quite suspicious. This is what Victor Conte, founder of the Bay Area Lab Cooperative, asserted as well. 

"This looks highly suspicious," Conte shared to USA Today Sports"So now one of the biggest stars in UFC, Holly Holm, is endorsing crazy, fringe (supplements) that [UFC's anti-doping chief, Jeff Novitzky] is known for busting people for doing," he adds. 

From Holm's camp, her manager Lenny Fresquez said that even though Holm were aware of what Intel Pharma's products contained, Holly never used any of the company's products. Fresquez also shared that the relationship between Holm and Intel Pharma is not a big deal at all. 

The outcome of the fight had been so incredulous that a rematch is set to happen. UFC president Dana White himself said so to TMZ, saying the rematch would be the fight that "makes sense." 

Despite her win, though, Holm has nothing but good words to say of Rousey. She said Rousey was brave just for getting into the fight. "When you get in that Octagon, it's one of the loneliest places in the world, because it's only up to you to do it. A lot of people wouldn't even have the nerve to be able to get in and just put it all on the line," she shared on the Dan Patrick Show. She added that she was definite that Rousey would be able to handle eventually all the chaos surrounding her loss. 

Holm said that she is all for a rematch, the moment Rousey is done with her six-month medical suspension. She would rather have it sooner than later too, so she could defend her crown. 



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