Jessica Simpson Adds Activewear, Warm Up to Her Billion Dollar Fashion Line This Fall

( [email protected] ) Nov 20, 2015 03:20 AM EST
Singer Jessica Simpson has announced that there will be a new addition to her line: Jessica Simpson The Warm Up.

Singer Jessica Simpson has announced that there will be a new addition to her line: Jessica Simpson The Warm Up.

The Warm Up is Simpson's new addition to her billion-dollar fashion line, the Jessica Simpson Collection.

The fitness gears have been marketed to meet the demands of affordable but high-quality pieces. Right now, the price ranges from $24 to $49.

According to PopSugar, the designs are not only for athleisure but are also flexible to be used "straight to happy hour." The designs have a seamless lining that "optimize comfort while sports bras feature removable cups and bottom bands that reduce riding up."

Tina Simpson, Jessica's mother and creative director of her fashion line, told WWD that she has been very supportive of Jessica's endeavors.

Tina said that Jessica has been very passionate about working out that this new line seemed to be a natural progression for the brand. Tina said they were just looking for the right partner to launch the product.

President and CEO of RDG Global Richard Gossett said the line has a great potential. It has elements of leisure and athletics, and it is an "authentic workout apparel."

Gossett emphasized that there had been so much effort included in the design of the brand. From the fabric to the zippers, the team made sure the apparels will be able to accommodate basic compartment needs for keys and cell phones.

Macy's Chief Marketing Officer Martine Reardon said The Warm Up "has some style and it's got some comfort at the same time." Reardon also added that the apparels are very efficient to wear at the gym or even when you are just walking around, doing errands.

The Warm Up will be expanded to other retailers next spring.

Gossett said they are already moving it up on Macy's misses' collection, and they will be launching plus sizes (up to 21 styles) in the following months.

"She has a really good following across many different types of shoppers and the plus-size customer identifies with her as well," Gossett said of Jessica.

"The character of the brand is definitely Jessica, from the prints to the colorations. She is intricately involved in the selection process," Gossett concluded.

The Warm Up can already be ordered online at Macy's Inc., and it includes the first few designs. The apparels range from tank tops to hoodies to leggings.