Game of Thrones Season 2 Video Game Confirmed

( [email protected] ) Nov 21, 2015 02:19 PM EST
Telltale confirmed that there would be a 'Game of Thrones' Season 2 game.
Game of Thrones Season 1 Game received positive reviews. Facebook/Game of Thrones-A Telltale Games Series

"Game of Thrones" season 2 game is now confirmed by Telltale. The confirmation came after the first season of the game, which included a six-episode adaptation of the HBO fantasy series, concluded this week. 

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Telltale's CEO and executive producer of the "Game of Thrones" adaptation, Kevin Bruner confirmed that there will be a second season of the game and that it is already being developed. The CEO also revealed that a second season has been planned all along. "The questions left on the table at the conclusion of season one - who survived and who didn't - as well as all the other choices you made play a huge role in the second season. We've been planning the second season all along, but I really shouldn't be revealing more than that," Bruner said. 

The CEO also revealed that development of the second season of the gift is given utmost attention. Like other games developed by the company, planning for this season 2 was like planning for a television show. Compared to other game developments, Bruner is proud to say that their games, including "The Walking Dead," "Minecraft: Story Mode," and more others, are carefully planned. 

"The development process at Telltale spends a significant amount of time upfront in the writer's rooms not just with writers, but designers, directors and creative input from all across the studio. It's not unusual for our games to exist longer on whiteboards and sticky notes and in scripts than they do in traditional game production," he detailed. 

Like the first season, the new season would still have multiple playable characters. Bruner however, did not reveal how many just yet. The CEO also refuses to reveal if fan-favorite mercenary Beshka will pull a Clementine from "The Walking Dead." and become a playable protagonist now. 

What is certain now is that how players can expect the story to unfold in the second season depends largely on how they played in the past. Bruner specifically said that the choices and decisions players made in the first season would significantly shape what they can expect from the second season. 

Meanwhile, season 1 of the game has garnered some positive reviews. One review by Eurogamer claimed that Telltale successfully incorporated the grim atmosphere that fans can see in the TV series. Moreover, it is said that the violence demonstrated in the game is much more disturbing than other games done by Telltale. Even if it is a fantasy game, most of the violent scenes were not that very far-fetched from reality. 

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