Sudanese Pastors' Conference

( [email protected] ) Feb 02, 2004 12:37 PM EST

Pastors in Sudan held a nation-wide conference for evangelistic outreach in the war-torn nation. American Evangelist Sammy Tippit who was present during the conference, said the pastors are hopeful for peace.

"They felt like that this was great preparation spiritually if peace does come to the country because there will be great liberty to preach the Gospel. And, what was taking place here was preparation for the possibility of peace in the land," said Tippit.

"People from various tribal groups were going to other tribal groups where there had been warring factions and asking for forgiveness. That to me says that God is getting ready to do something,” said Tippit.

Sudanese pastors have set up plans for outreach.

"(They're) making contact with people who have been displaced. They're looking toward going back." He added, "One of the things they talked to me about was, they would like me to spread out and go throughout the whole nation with evangelistic meetings. They believe that there will be a door of opportunity in which we can minister the word of God."

Tippit said Christians will need to act quickly once peace is in place.

"It's been my experience in other places, the first year after that is probably the most open the people will be to the Gospel."