No Man's Sky Release Date for PS4 and PC Version Set for June 2016

( [email protected] ) Nov 26, 2015 01:03 PM EST
Publisher and developer Hello Games' first-person survival adventure game "No Man's Sky" finally has a release date: June 2016.

Publisher and developer Hello Games' first-person survival adventure game "No Man's Sky" finally has a release date: June 2016.

Meanwhile, avid gamers can comfort themselves with the official trailer from Sony, which mesmerizes the eyes with the drama and full color of a smattering of the 18 quintillion worlds that are up for exploration and discovery. The gameplay trailer earlier released by PlayStation is just as dramatic and compelling that it hasn't actually alleviated the impatience of some fans who think the release date is much too delayed.

The latest video is narrated by Rutger Hauer's enigmatic voice with a monologue that teases players on what they're bound to find: "I've seen things. A few things before; left the sun and moon behind. Galaxies waiting to be found. Planets rich in resources. Pathos to be formed. Treasures unknown. Universe you wouldn't believe."

PC Advisor reports that even though "No Man's Sky" is an indie title developed by three British developers, Sony has seen so much promise in it, that it is providing in-house treatment for the game's development.

Commercial Director of Sony UK Fergal Gara expressed his faith in the game and revealed that Sony has "been working very closely with the developers and bringing it into our release program as if we had made it. We are not going to treat it any differently and we are going to put the full weight of PlayStation behind it. If it all comes together as well as expected, it will be treated like a first-party release; it is not a self-published small indie title on the platform."

PC Advisor has noted Sony's unprecedented move in giving so much support to a small developer. The only part that is bound to disappoint is that a version for Xbox One and the Mac are highly unlikely at this point.

The plotline for the game is fairly simple: there is none. But as an explorer in space, you will have vast variations of landscapes, environments and inhabitants within your reach as you journey to enrich your exploration and obtain resources to fuel the way.

Players may do as they please, such as trade in goods, explore, fight other ships or rescue fellow explorers in danger. However, be wary about killing too many life forms and abusing the host planet's resources, as these actions may set the Sentinels on you and initiate an attack. 



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