Eager Fan Gropes Katy Perry on Stage! Singer Handles Issue Professionally

( [email protected] ) Nov 30, 2015 02:43 AM EST
There are a lot of times when fans get overly excited when they meet their icons on stage and this happened to a Katy Perry concert recently.

There are a lot of times when fans get overly excited when they meet their icons on stage, and this happened to a Katy Perry concert recently.

In Perry's Rio concert in Brazil, she invited one of the audience to join her on stage. The 30-year-old woman joined Perry on stage and started kissing her face and neck.

According to Daily Mail, the fan even tried to rest her face on the singer's bosom. After realizing the fan was under the influence, Perry treated the encounter with grace and joked on the stage.

"I might need that water back. We need some water. I think she's rolling!" said Perry implying that the fans might have been using ecstasy.

Perry also had a hard time pronouncing the fan's name: Rayane. She was trying to joke about the name. But the fan continuously groped her. They also took a selfie while on stage.

The fan also tried to teach Perry some Portuguese and said that the Portuguese word for pizza is "pizza."

After the short interaction, Perry prompted the fan to go off stage, but before the fan finished her exit, she grabbed Perry from the behind and quickly took off.

Perry was surprised but shouted, "You're not my first, and won't be my last."

Perry has just finished her "Prismatic" world tour. She ousted Taylor Swift on the top spot in 2015's top tours. Forbes also named her 2015's World's Highest Paid Woman in Music.

According to International Business Times, Perry earned $135 million for 2015. Most of the earnings were acquired from her world tour that grossed an estimate of $2 million for each city.

Aside from her music revenue stream, Perry also nabbed huge fashion deals with Covergirl, Coty and Claire's Accessories this year.

Because of Perry's huge success, Swift was only on the second spot with $80 million earnings that included her 1989 album sales and world concert tour.

Meanwhile, Perry has been lauded for her impressive style choice during the red carpet of the Change Begins Within Benefit Gala in New York.

According to People, the singer-songwriter wrote a fitted Yousef Al-Jasmi black jumpsuit. Though the colour is quite different from her normal, bold numbers, Perry's jumpsuit still represented her style since it has a stretch cape that Perry highlighted during the red carpet.

The gold embellishments on Perry also made her entire outfit stand out.

Perry's "The Prismatic World Tour Live" is already available on DVD.


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