'Christmas Is All About Jesus' Yard Sign To Be Distributed to All 95 Counties in Tennessee By Clarksville Pastor

( [email protected] ) Dec 02, 2015 01:03 PM EST
Pastor Terry wants to make the entire December a celebration of Jesus by printing 17,000 yard signs that read "Christmas is all about Jesus."
The Rev. Jimmy Terry has printed thousands more yard signs that read “Christmas is all about Jesus,” and he plans to distribute them across all of Tennessee’s 95 counties. Photo by Tony Centonze, for the Leaf-Chronicle, courtesy of USA Today

Pastor Jimmy Terry of Tabernacle Baptist Church is on a mission this December. He wants to make the entire December a celebration of Jesus by printing yard signs that read "Christmas is all about Jesus."

Pastor Terry is worried that people are forgetting the essence of Christmas, which is about the birth of Jesus Christ. To help remind the public the right reason for this season, he has printed 17,000 yard signs that precisely have this message and plans to distribute these across all the 95 counties in Tennessee, Gazette reports. Other pastors lauded his plan and joined him last Saturday to discuss the importance of this mission. 

Pastor Terry asserted that both important holidays of Christmas and Easter were celebrated incorrectly.  "The two holiest days in human history have been desecrated. At Christmas, we have given our children a man in a red suit, and at Easter, a bunny and some eggs," he explained. He also asked why other issues have entire months devoted to their cause and yet the birth and resurrection of Jesus Chris only got one day each of celebration. 

He also asserted that it is time for America to be more reflective of Christianity and should be a Christian nation. He added that America should imitate how Muslim nations reflect Islam. "When then-Senator Obama was asked if the United States is a Christian nation, his answer was 'No, it's a nation of many religions.' That didn't sit well with me. But, after some thought I realized, that is the answer that the Christians in America have given him.

Pastor Terry lamented the fact that American Christians themselves are being too lax on their religion, especially compared to Muslim countries. ""If you were in Afghanistan, it would be ignorant to ask someone, is this a Muslim country. Everywhere you look you will see signs of their religion, and who they worship. But, how far do you have to go from your house every day before you see the name of Jesus? It's our fault. The Bible says 'Awake thou that sleepest.' That is what we are here to do."

He also asserts that American Christians should be a move to make Christianity stronger in the country. "Christians in America, we send our children to secular schools to be indoctrinated," Pastor Terry said. "Christians should be building Christian schools. Public schools say, 'We don't want God in here, we don't want the Bible in here.' That has become our job." 

Pastor Terry asserted that December is the perfect time for Christians to act more Christian. He advises Christians to recite the Christmas story in various times and ways during December. "We must share this story," Terry said. "We need pastors, deacons, and Sunday school teachers to help us carry this message across the state. This is Jesus' birthday we're celebrating. On Dec. 25 we should have fireworks going off across this entire nation."

The signs can be picked up for free at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Clarksville. Donations are being accepted as well to further the cause. 

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