'Pokemon Z' and 'Pokemon GO' Release Date: Announcements Null for Z, GO to be Released In 2016

( [email protected] ) Dec 09, 2015 12:58 PM EST
Pokemon Go is set to be released in 2016, however, no latest news about Pokemon Z yet.
Know the latest news about Pokemon Go Pokemon site.

Pokemon Go is set to be released in 2016, however, no latest news about Pokemon Z yet.

The Pokemon franchise is one of the successful video games and it is still popular for kids and adults because of its movie as well. According to its official website, Pokemon GO will be launched in 2016 for iOS and Android mobile users. 

Many news publications reported that Japanese Magazine CoroCoro will be revealing big announcements about Pokemon Z, and many people are expecting that this big announcement includes official release date

Although Christian Post reported that there is no official confirmation about the release date of the upcoming game, there is a publication reported a rumor about Pokemon Go.

One of the publications who opened up about the rumors is Latino Post. According to the publication, Pokemon Z and Pokemon Go may be released in December 2015 because the December issue of Japanese Magazine will come out soon and may give surprises.

November and December issues of CoroCoro are expected to provide details of these games. The December issue is set to release copies on December 15, probably, the magazine will unveil the Pokemon X, Y, Z release date.

On the previous article of Movie Pilot, the publication mentioned that the legendary Pokemon of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Xerneas and Yveltal, will be joining Zygarde in Pokemon Z. Zygarde. However,  Zygarde, a dual-type Dragon/Ground Legendary Pokémon, will be more powerful than the two other legendary Pokemons once he reaches its 100% form.

Fans have got more excited about the upcoming launch of these games because on December 7, there was a photo that reportedly hinted at a New Playable Pokemon in Pokken Tournament. Comic Book reported the leaked image that quickly went viral online.

According to the publication, the image hinted that the new playable character is Sceptile. Geek Snack explained that this new character has appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The news outlet also revealed that Electrode and Farfetch'd will be added to the game as support Pokemon.

For those newbies in playing Pokemon, Pokken Tournament is the fighting game based on Pokemon series. The tournament has become available for pre-order on Best Buy's website this week.

Blast from the past, Pokken Tournament images popped out online in October because of a Japanese commercial. Although the commercial is in Japanese language, it was not difficult to understand what it wants to showcase.

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