Windows 10 Release Date, Features, Problems/Bugs, December Update: Window 7 Users Forced To Update?

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Windows 10 was launched globally on 29 July this year. Users of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 as well as Windows Insiders, are now starting to receive their free upgrade to the new OS.
Another Update for Windows 10. NeoWin/Microsoft

Windows 10 was launched globally on 29 July this year. Users of Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 as well as Windows Insiders, are now starting to receive their free upgrade to the new OS. 

The Guardian has accumulated some of the noteworthy features of the upgrade.

According to the Guardian, the upgrade is free only until 29 July 2016. Microsoft might offer some discounts or deals after this date, but Windows 10 is priced at $119.99 currently. Other suppliers may be selling it for less. After accepting the free upgrade, there are no more additional charges for the life of the device. 

Users will be happy to know that Windows 10 is "Windows as a Service." It is usually frequently updated from the cloud. Users can just download Windows 10 and then store it in their DVD or USB stick. This makes upgrading various PCs hassle-free. Users just need to note that the download may soon be out-of-date. Windows 10 incorporates a cloud-based authentication system, and must be installed before the deadline. Missing the deadline would not make Microsoft responsible. The free upgrade will not be authenticated, and users need to pay the price of the upgrade. 

Contrary to what most think, Microsoft is not giving away copies of Windows 10. It is only a free upgrade for those with already existing licenses for Windows 7/8/8.1, clarified by IT Pro UK

Users need to be aware too that they can revert to Windows 7 if they are not satisfied with Windows 10. However, they must do this within 30 days of the upgrade. 

The upgrade may be free, but it has its problems. 

One significant problem of Windows 10 upgrade is highlighted by Extreme Tech. According to the website, it seems as if Microsoft is "hell-bent" on making sure everyone upgrade to Windows 10, "no matter what." 

Even though there was no clear announcement telling users to upgrade, Microsoft seems to have made sure users would feel as if they must upgrade because of stealth download techniques presentation. Some users have complained that Microsoft has launched an invasive GWX application that pestered users to upgrade. Some users also complained that the upgrade is sometimes downloaded even without asking for permission first. There is also an instance when users are "accidentally" forced to upgrade without recourse. 

InfoWorld showed a screen shot of what the prompt asking for upgrade looks like. The prompt only gives Window users two options on upgrading: Upgrade Now and Upgrade Tonight. Also, there is a message that stated "Upgrading to Windows 10 is free for a limited time." Users naturally would feel compelled to upgrade when looking at this prompt. 

Even though there is a close box in the upper-right corner, Extreme Tech claimed that this is a "dark pattern," a user interface design that makes the user choose a specific decision. The close box is unlikely to be seen by the ordinary user or make the ordinary user think that by closing it, something might go wrong if the update was not able to push through. Thus, users may be manipulated to upgrading.

This is problematic considering Microsoft has pledged to support Window 7 with security updates up until 2020. 

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