Glenn Beck and The Nazarene Fund Bring Iraqi Christian Refugees to Safety for Christmas

( [email protected] ) Dec 27, 2015 12:35 AM EST
Glenn Beck demonstrates the true spirit of Christmas as he and his supporters raise over 12 million dollars to bring Iraqi Christians to safety in Slovakia.

If you know anything about me, then you know that I LOVE Glenn Beck. Why? Well, let's face it: there just aren't that many truth-sayers anymore. So the ones who exist, I tend to be attracted to. But now, I have another reason to love Glenn: he's properly vetting and bringing Arab Christians out of danger and doing it in time for them to celebrate the holidays.

Click on the picture below to watch video of refugees celebrating mass at immigration center: 

Iraqi Christians Glenn Beck Team

Glenn Beck has been teaming up with Johnnie Moore, the leader of The Nazarene Fund, to bring Iraqi Christian Refugees to the safety of Slovakia in Eastern Europe to protect them from the perils of being a Christian in the Middle-East. Throughout the holidays, Glenn's been keeping his Facebook family up to date on the developments with posts that read more like diary entries and Facebook Mentions.

On December 9, Glenn said:

Just landed in the former Czech Republic.

We will be in three countries before the day is done.

We are working hard and praying for the Lord to part the Red Sea for the Christians in Iraq.

I am on the ground here for a few hours, half of my team will remain here, the team that is usually by my side are still in Iraq trying to hold this together, another part is still in Rome at the Vatican and I will fly back to the Middle East.

This is the last big push.

Please pray. We are so close.

If our government would just accept the Christians marked for death all of this could have been avoided. Even if they just helped grease the wheels on the ground in Iraq. But they do not have the same agenda.

Neither does the media. One of the American networks is here as we have let them in behind the scenes and they want to do an interview with me today. But that is not what we are here for, maybe after they get out.

I have learned a lot on this trip. When it comes to individuals, all of it good. When it comes to media and the world's government almost all of it is beyond bad.

I can tell you that if we were saving Muslims, none of this would be happening.

Shame on the United States Of America. How can God bless us when we have turned his face away from him?

Heal our land Lord. Hear our prayers. Forget not your people.

On December 11, Glenn shared Johnny Moore's video and letter update!


The team and I are doing great. We have been rewarded beyond belief by being allowed to stay in Slovakia. Thank you for letting us be here to see the Iraqi, Christian refugees come home. That is how things were greeted when they came to Slovakia, "welcome home." This is One of the greatest times I have ever spent. Spiritual, uplifting, crushing, expanding! To witness these refugees who are willing to give up everything in life to gain everything eternal, is a miracle. I'm awed by the grace of the Slovakian people. I am inspired by the Slovakian government and their willingness to step up to the challenge other nations are turning a blind eye to. I am humbled and reborn by the strength of my Iraqi brothers and sisters. Today we are all one family in Christ. He loves and watches over us all. And expects us to watch over each other. How blessed we are to be a part of the group you have brought together to help spread the plan of God's salvation across the face of the earth. Thank you to your audience for being the eyes, ears, and feet, of Jesus. The work you have begun here is changing the world. And as we continue together more blessings will pour down from heaven. We must lengthen our stride so that more of God's children can be free. We must tell their story so that other see and hearts are open. And we will not stop until the whole world holds hands as brothers and sisters.

Watch video below: 

Iraqi Christians Glenn Beck Team


Together, Glenn Beck, through his charity, Mercury One, has raised 12 million dollars for The Nazarene Fund. And they've done it all without government assistance or support. Glenn, of course, doesn't claim any of the credit. "We didn't do it," says Glenn. "You did!"

On Christmas Day, Glenn stated:

Johnnie Moore, the project head of The Nazarene Fund, just sent me the photos from today's Mass and gathering of the Christians YOU just saved from crucifixion, beheading, slavery and torture.

Because we stopped waiting for someone else to do what we all know needs to be done, our first 150 Christians were relocated in Slovakia.

We are paying to relocate, set them up for a year, give them training and culture and language classes.

They have all been vetted and for safety reasons ONLY they are all Christians. We figure it is better to save some than stand around arguing and saving none.

So we begin here. The Arab states can easily take the Muslims who need to flee.

Here are the photos of the people who would not be alive today if it wasn't for you. Celebrating the Birth of Christ with family.

He goes on to say,

We need your prayers more than anything else. Pray that the hearts of politicians both here and abroad begin to soften.

Pray for our president and state department. Pray that a new president will be elected that will be bold, brave and clear on this issue.

If you wish to give go to: now. 100% of the proceeds will go to the efforts to help save these people who desperately need your help.

Have you ever wondered what you would have done if you lived in the 1930's and 40's and knew about the holocaust? Now is your time to become one of the new righteous of the nations.

You can save a life!

Please ponder the difference between John 3:16 and 1 John 3:16. The second has a commandment for us.

Now is the time we all choose who we are.

Now is the time we all choose who we are. I couldn't agree more. Let's pray for and give toward this effort!