TransWorld Radio Launches "City Lights"

The project will reach 50 new Latin American cities
( [email protected] ) Feb 17, 2004 04:33 AM EST

Latin America – The TransWorld Radio ministry announced that it will launch a new strategy, the “City Lights Project,” to reach 50 spiritually needy cities in Latin America.

“The City Lights project is a concentration of our effort in the Americas region on key cities in Latin America. The trend in Latin America is for the people to move towards the cities, so there are many, many cities of over a million people,” said TWR’s Jim Munger.

According to Munger, the TWR plans to reach the 50 cities within the next several years.

"If you don't address the spiritual root of the problems that are in Latin America, it's just not going to make a difference. So, we want to bring the light of God's Word, particularly to these large concentrations of population to the cities of Latin America."

The first broadcasting outlet to the TWR was in Tangier, Morocco, fifty years ago. On February 22, 1954, utilizing a 2,500-watt transmitter, "The Voice of Tangier" went on the air in Spanish and English. Currently, TWR broadcasts the gospel in over 180 languages and dialects from 13 super-power transmitting sites, by satellite and via the Internet. In addition, TWR broadcasts on more than 2,400 local and international stations around the globe.

In Latin America, TWR partners with 500 stations. Through the new City Lights program, TWR will connect mission-minded churches and individuals throughout the U.S. with Latin American churches and radio stations to resource production, distribution, airtime and follow-up in cities like Bogota (Colombia), La Paz (Bolivia) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). The new broadcasts will be geared to meet the needs of children, youth, women and families.