'Longmire' Season 5 Release Date, Plot Update: To Have a More Cinematic Experience, Crossover with 'Criminal Minds'?

( [email protected] ) Jan 06, 2016 01:29 PM EST
After some tensed moments wondering whether "Longmire" will have a season 5", it was finally been picked up by Netflix a new season last October. The upcoming season will have ten new episodes to offer to its fans.
Longmire, starring Robert Taylor, will be back.

After some tense moments wondering whether "Longmire" will have a season 5, Netflix finally picked up the renewal of the hit TV series for a new season last October. The upcoming season will have ten new episodes to offer to its fans.

Even though Season 5 is now a confirmed project, there is still no official release date. While an official date is yet to be announced, rumors have it that the new season will premiere around September 2016. 

There is also not much to share about the plot or storyline yet. This does not mean there are no speculations. Fans have been theorizing that the upcoming season will just pick up from where it left off in Season 4. This means that Walt (Robert Taylor) and Dr. Sue Monahan (Ally Walker) will soon have their romance, which was interrupted in the last season.

Christian Post has stated that for the upcoming season, fans will come to know who broke into Walt's home. Several possible culprits have been speculated, with Walker Browning (Callum Keith Rennie) topping the speculations. It is believed that Browning is the likeliest culprit because he vanished from his hospital bed. A Reddit user claimed that Browning is a possible suspect because he has the motivation to sought revenge. 

If not, Browning, there are also speculations that Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) is the intruder, given his not-so-good relationship with Longmire. Fans believe that this might be possible but also have doubts that just a few altercations and arguments are enough to motivate him to commit a crime against Longmire.

Some fans also speculated that Longmire's intruder is not really after him, but Doctor Donna. If this is true, then the person who set the van on fire and the intruder can be just one person.

Regular cast Lou Diamon Phillips have already once shared that the upcoming season will have longer episodes than before. In an interview with Variety, he said that a longer airtime will make the episodes more cinematic. "We were previously constrained to 42 minutes and as a result, a lot of my work hit the floor. With an additional 20 minutes, we can let those moments breathe and round out those characters, and it's a much more cinematic experience episode to episode," Phillips said.

There might also a crossover episode between "Longmire" and "Criminal Minds." Day Herald reports that both crime drama series have their own following hoping to see a crossover. According to CarterMatt.com, it is hoped that show runners can provide "another meaty story" that will include various episodes after that exciting season 4 finale.

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