'Longmire' Season 5 Release Date Update: Is This Really the Last Season? Neflix Executive Very Proud of Show

( [email protected] ) Jan 22, 2016 01:43 PM EST
According to new reports, Netflix's Head of Content Acquisition Ted Sarandos is very pleased with the show's performance.
Longmire, starring Robert Taylor, will be back.

"Longmire" Season 5 is the last and final season. However, this decision has nothing to do with its performance or ratings. Because if the ratings are going to serve as the basis, "Longmire" is bound to have more seasons. According to new reports, Netflix's Head of Content Acquisition Ted Sarandos is very pleased with the show's performance. 

According to Crossmap, even if there are no real figures to back its claims, it is quite safe to say that "Longmire" is doing the network proud. Netflix's decision to renew it for the fifth season only a month after the fourth season aired is an indication enough that executives' expectations were met or even topped. TV Guide Magazine also reported that Netflix's Ted Sarandos himself stated at the TCA Winter Press Tour that they were pleased with the show's performance. 




Cartermatt revealed that this must be because Netflix is using "Longmire" to attract older viewers. Netflix does not care about demos. Instead, it just wants older viewers, who never used Netflix service before to have suddenly an interest in the service when they saw "Longmire" season 4 is there. 

For now, there are still no new updates on "Longmire Season 5." Possible plot lines and theories have been discussed by Gospel Herald just a few days ago. However, there are some new debates produced by Cartermatt on the identity of the trespasser on the season 4 finale. "Who could be approaching Walt's home right as he and Dr. Monahan was starting to get intimate" was the question Season 4 left its viewers and until now it's hard to guess. 

Cartermatt provides some possible names and it's up to viewers where to put their money. These are Walter Browning, Jacob Nighthorse, Monte, Zacahry, and Same Proteet. There is also a possibility that Dr. Monahan is working with any of these criminals. Among these names, Walker Browning remains the likeliest suspect. He was not found in his hospital bed, and he has the most logical motive to go after Walt. Walt blew up his operation after all, which is a worthy reason for revenge. 

On the other hand, it seems entirely implausible too because Walker does not know where Walt lives and if he is home. He would have to act very fast to get this information while on the hospital bed. He would not be acting alone. 

On whoever burned the van, there is a possibility that Walt is not even the target. Instead, the perpetrator was gunning for Donna Sue. Of course, there is also a possibility that they are both considered targets. 

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