Tim Tebow Focuses on Helping Others, Asks Americans to Stop Idolizing Celebrities, Athletes

( [email protected] ) Jan 29, 2016 02:03 PM EST

The NFL has not been kind to Tim Tebow. As the football star attempted to re-enter the league, his journey was cut short even before the regular season started. Tebow, who had been a favorite to dominate the NFL once he got drafted, failed to get signed as the third quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Although the Christian athlete tried to overcome all the obstacles along the way, DeMarco Murray still found him lacking. That is, former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly pointed out that Tebow needs more experience to succeed in the NFL.

With the Super Bowl 50 right around the corner, Tebow speaks out to remind everyone to keep in mind what is truly important in their lives. The NFL hopeful, who admits to be a huge fan of sports and celebrities, advised the public to not completely submerge themselves in these things. Tebow calls on everyone to not veer from the more important things in life - that is, to not merely focus on material things and achievements.

"We choose to idolize certain things, and love certain things," said the Christian star in his speech during an event of the Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama. The NFL hopeful added, "And I'm not saying it's wrong to love sports, I love them as much as anybody. But do we choose to really see what matters?"

Tim Tebow's 'Night to Shine' Prom on Valentine's Day 2015
Tim Tebow surprises guests at the Night to Shine prom event. Tim Tebow Foundation

Tebow then went on to share an experience he had in one of his fundraising events which included a gala and a golf tournament. The football star recalled that the fated night, where he had the aforementioned realization, featured the likes of Deion Sander, Evander Holyfield, Emmitt Smith, Bubba Watson and the Rascal Flatts.

"I was looking at these guys, and it just hit me, because I was thinking about, 'What am I going to talk about tonight. You know, what is God going to put on my heart?' I just wanted to share something real, something emotional, something that I was so passionate about," said Tebow.

He continued, "All these guys are sitting here talking, and all these other people are sitting there watching them. Then, on the very back, were three girls, and they were three of our 'wish girls.' All three of them have incredible stories, and I was thinking, 'How messed up is this?'"

Tim Tebow Prays, Fulfills Wish of Terminally Ill Girl

Although Tebow described the celebrities as his good friends and "awesome" people, he noted that not a single person paid attention to the "wish girls." The football player noted, "I think all of them would agree, these three girls have more character, heart and determination to fight through what they had fought through than any one of those celebrities right there."

Tebow went on to state, "I was watching them, and it just so struck me that this is what matters. This is what we should be focusing on. Yet, so many times these are the people that are forgotten." The three girls, who were then the beneficiaries of the events, all suffered from cancer.

The latest project of Tebow is a night dedicated to people with special needs. The event aptly called "Night to Shine" attracted the attention and participation of 200 churches in 48 states and eight different countries. It will be held simultaneously in all venues worldwide on February 12. An initiative of the Tim Tebow Foundation, the event will feature glamorous touches such as hair and makeup beauty stations, red carpet, limousine rides and paparazzi.

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