'You're the Worst' Season 3 Update And Rumors: Gretchen, Jimmy Exchange 'I Love You's,' Now What?

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"You're the Worst" Season 3 is returning later this year. Here is the roundup of the latest reports and rumors on what to expect on the upcoming season.
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"You're the Worst" Season 3 is returning later this year. Here is the roundup of the latest reports and rumors on what to expect in the upcoming season.

FX's critically-acclaimed romantic comedy "You're the Worst" ended with a shocking finale on Season 2. Gretchen (Aya Cash) and Jimmy (Chris Geere) admitted their feelings for each other on the finale, making fans wonder what is next for the two. Their exchange of romantic feelings came after a season mostly focusing on Gretchen's depression. 

Recently, series creator Stephen Falk shared on what fans can expect from the all-new season when he appeared on stage at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, as reported by TV.com. According to him, the third season will not leave people hanging. It will immediately pick up right after Gretchen and Jimmy admitted their feelings. Falk was quick to say that all this is just tentative. "Time jumps are useful for certain shows, but it feels like a later season thing where you want to pick stuff up," said Falk. "We thought it would be interesting to start with 'I love you,' and literally see what happens when they walk back in the house. That's the idea right now. I can't guarantee it will play out."

Falk also revealed that the new season will not be like Season 2 in that it will not be revolving around a central issue like Gretchen's depression. Falk claimed to do that will just feel forced. "We're trying hard not to talk [about] this season regarding some issue we're dealing with like depression. It's a very seductive idea, but I feel like it would feel like we're trying too hard," said Falk. "We're just continuing with the fallout from last season, always moving the characters forward. And maybe some of them will fall. We'll see."

Still, the team behind the show is not going to stop experimenting. "Having the freedom on the network we're on and with all the talent that I am lucky to have at my disposal, the ability to do episodes that kind of break form or just take a little pause on the main story to do something else in a different way is just really fun," said Falk. "Having that run together was really gratifying, and I was super gratified to see people responding to it. So while I think that could get tiring and feel stunty if you did it too much, it refreshes everyone who works on the show and hopefully the viewers as well."

If fans want to see more of Gretchen's best friend, Lindsay on the upcoming season, their wish might be granted. They can even get to see Lindsay sing and dance. In real life, the actress Kether Donohue is currently very much in singing and dancing. She recently rehearsed for Fox's production of "Grease: live." 

According to Falk, this interest might be integrated into the new season. "She's super in the moment, and so whatever she's doing, she's so into it, and it's transformative for her, and she shares it with the world," he said. "Right now singing and dancing, she's consumed by it. ... I can't help but think it won't have some spillover into the show just by sheer force of her constantly asking me if she can sing and dance."

In an earlier interview with Variety, Falk said that for season 3, he wants to avoid coming off as trying to hard. He said he is very happy with how Season 2 turned out. "I have ideas. I think I have a good internal barometer for the expectations that we've set, and for what would feel redundant or feel like we were trying too hard or attempting to recreate something or to puff ourselves up. You know, that sequel-itis thing. I feel good that we avoided the sophomore slump. No offense to Nicky Pizza [Nic Pizzolatto], but we didn't "'True Detective' season two" it. We hopefully 'Fargoed' it."

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