DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, Episode 3 'Blood Ties'; Episode 2 and 1 Recap [Watch Online Video]

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Snart is set to travel back in time to visit his past while Stein and Ray are going to work hand in hand in DC's "Legends of Tomorrow" season 1 episode 3.
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Snart is set to travel back in time to visit his past while Stein and Ray are going to work hand in hand in DC's "Legends of Tomorrow" season 1 episode 3.

"Legends of Tomorrow" season 1 episode 3 is entitled "Blood Ties." According to Spoilers Guide, the episode will see Rip (Arthur Darvill) choose to limp Vandal Savage (Casper Grump) by targeting the latter's financial assets. As per the publication, the former and Sara (Caity Loitz) are going to penetrate Savage's bank, only to be discovered by the latter's crew.

Episode 3 is also set to have Snart (Wentworth Miller) and Rory (Dominic Purcell) negotiate with Jax (Franz Drameh) into taking the ship back to Central City in a heist of a precious emerald. Fans will also see Professor Stein (Victor Garber) as Ray's (Brandon Routh) guide on a perilous mission.

Superpowers, time travel, and backstories filled in "Legends of Tomorrow" season 1 episode 1, as per Entertainment Weekly. According to the publication, the episode saw Rip gather non-Time Masters to complete his task of preventing Savage from claiming the world as his. 

Entitled "Pilot, Part 1," episode 1 is set tin 2166. It saw that Savage had successfully conquered Earth and Rip travels back to 2016 to gather a team of superheroes and villains to stop the supervillain. They were Ray Palmer, Dr. Martin Stein, Jefferson Jackson, Sara Lance, Leonard Snart, Mick Rory, Kendra Saunders, and Carter Hall.

Rip took the team to 1975, allowing the members to meet Professor Boardman, a lead expert on Savage. Boardman was set to assist the crew in locating the supervillain, along with giving them insights about the latter. The professor also revealed the he was Kendra and Carter's son from one of their past lives.

Chronos, a time-traveling bounty hunter, attacked Rip's ship, forcing them to regroup and escape. Professor Boardman failed to escape, as he was wounded and he died. Rip revealed to the team that Chronos was after him for getting the time-machine without the Time Council's permission. He added that part of his mission is to avenge his wife and child in his time.

The team is still in 1975 in "Legends of Tomorrow" season 1 episode 2, according to Superhero Hype. Entitled "Pilot, Part 2," episode 2 saw the team penetrate a warhead auction for terrorists, which include Damien Darhk, due to the thought that Savage was there.

Savage knew that the heroes were in the hideout, so he ordered to kill them, leading to a clash between the team and the terrorists. They managed to escape from the attack; however, a piece of Ray's suit was left behind. This made Rip angry, telling the team that Ray's tech could be used and turned into superweapons that can ruin Central City in the future.

With the knowledge about the destructive potential of Ray's tech, the team agreed to split up, with Sara, Jax, and Professor Stein retrieving the lost piece of the suit while Mick, Leonard, and Ray going to look for the dagger that was used to kill Carter and Kendra in the first life. In a fight, Savage killed Carter with the dagger, telling Kendra that only him could wield it to kill him. With Kendra injured, the team was forced to retreat.

"Legends of Tomorrow" season 1 episode 3 is set to air on Feb. 4. Watch a promo video here.

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