Natalie Grant Thanks Fans for Prayers After 8 Y/O Daughter 'Miraculously' Recovers from Collapsed Lung

( [email protected] ) Feb 03, 2016 12:22 PM EST
Christian singer Natalie Grant has thanked fans for their prayers after her 8-year-old daughter suffered a near death experience due to complications from her asthma.
CCM artist Natalie Grant pictured with her husband, Bernie Helms, and their three children. Facebook

Christian singer Natalie Grant has thanked fans for their prayers after her 8-year-old daughter suffered a near death experience due to complications from her asthma.

In December, the "Held" singer took to social media to ask for prayer for her daughter, Grace Anna, who was rushed to the hospital after the skin around her mouth turned blue.

Doctors took her straight to ICU, where they found that Grace had suffered a number of complications from her asthma, including a collapsed lung. On a scale of 0 to 12, with 0 being healthy, Grace's problems were at an 11, doctors told her parents.

"My daughter Gracie has pneumonia, a partially collapsed lung and is in respiratory distress. We would so appreciate your prayers," Grant posted on Facebook

Grant's husband, Bernie Herms, took a photo of her laying on the bed, praying for Grace, and posted it on Facebook, accompanied with a plea for her fans to pray. Within moments, thousands of fans expressed their support through comments, well-wishes, and prayers.

"I have all these people who would pray for my kid. I honestly didn't expect it to be what it was. It was literally a worldwide prayer chain," the singer told the Tennessean in recent interview. "I'm reading these comments and it gave us a ton of strength."

Thankfully, Grace's condition steadily improved, and eventually the young girl was able to go home. A few weeks after the scare, Grant posted a photo of her daughter with balloons on the back of her wheelchair, ready to go home. She posted: "We are thanking God for the miraculous recovery Gracie had."

Grant, who recently released her latest album, "Be One", often shares personal reflections and candid snapshots of her life with fans via social media

She explained that she felt it was appropriate to share her daughter's visit to the hospital because she uses social media to "build a community of people who really know who I am."

"I was a mom who was panicking and really desperate to have people pray for my kid," Grant said, revealing that today, her Grace is a happy and healthy little girl.

In November, the singer penned a heart-wrenching op-ed thanking God for allowing her to become a mother despite her fertility issues, emphasizing that faith and science "cannot be separated."

"I'm incredibly grateful that we live in a country where I had skilled physicians and amazing advances in medicine that allowed my husband and me to conceive our twins," the singer wrote. "I do not believe that faith and science can be separated, so I know that it is only through God, the Divine Giver of Life, that these miraculous medical advancements are even possible."

Grant said she is "so grateful" that sometimes, God provides completely unexpected miracles, referring to the natural conception of her youngest daughter as a "God-wink."

"I will never stop thanking God that He allowed me to become a mother," she continues. "I can so vividly remember the many sleepless nights when I thought I might suffocate from the fear that I would never hear someone call me 'mommy.'  And even as I reflect now, I am reminded that there are so many women who are begging God for the same miracle, and yet have not received the same answer."

The singer extended her thoughts and prayers to those who are experiencing fertility issues and offered up a reminder that God answers prayers when we least expect Him to.

"Being a mother is the greatest and hardest thing I will ever do. But my heart is maybe a bit more reflective as of late because I recently returned to the Ryman Auditorium to perform and found myself in the exact same dressing room where that initial call came. Only this time, my 3 little miracles were running around in it," she concluded.