Tom Clancy's the Division Release Date, DLC Expansion Pack Update: Ubisoft Releases Three Expansions for Its Gamers

( [email protected] ) Feb 07, 2016 01:07 PM EST
Along with its upcoming release, Ubisoft's "Tom Clancy's The Division" season pass has revealed three expansions, which are geared towards winning back its gamers.
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Along with its upcoming release, Ubisoft's "Tom Clancy's The Division" season pass has revealed three expansions, which are geared towards winning back its gamers.

Ubisoft is eager to regain its gamers' love for the again. According to Digital Trends, players who will purchase the game's season pass are set to get three expansions in the upcoming months. The company reportedly confirmed that the contents of the expansions will consist of new equipment and weapons, in addition to gameplay variations that are designed to engage players following their completion of the primary trunk of "The Division."

The first expansion pack is called "Underground" and it allows players to discover the Big Apple with a four-player team as the maximum number. The second expansion pack, "Survival," involves a mini-campaign, which will be accessible to players who have already accomplished the game's principal storyline; thus, its primary goal is to test the skills of advanced players. The third and final DLC is the "Last Stand." Since it is the last to be released, details about it are limited at the moment.

According to MNR Daily, players who will buy the season pass before the game's release date will be given special digital bonuses on Day One, which include weapon skins, character outfits, and a sawed-off shotgun. Along with the three expansions, "Tom Clancy's The Division's" season pass also comes with an exclusive in-game content like the National Guard gear set, monthly events, and appointed content drops.

For players who do not have the season pass, they are set to get free content throughout the year. The said content reportedly includes team-based challenges and gameplay modes.

"Tom Clancy's The Division" is an upcoming online open-world third-person shooter role-playing video game infused with survival elements. It centers on a deadly outbreak, which leads to a quarantine in New York City. The said outbreak extends via currency on a Black Friday. In line with this, a team of agents have come in Gotham to regain order while boosting knowledge about the pandemic and tracking who might have caused it.

Developed and published by Ubisoft, with aid from Red Storm Entertainment, the game runs on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

With the upcoming release of its "Tom Clancy's The Division," Ubisoft is reportedly planning an active marketing plan that is set to encompass several spin-off games, according to International Business Times. In line with the expansion packs mentioned, the game is set to be devoid of microtransactions, or in-game purchases that can boost the gameplay, but can drag the game's competitive balance by giving rewards to players who spend to win.

In a statement at a "The Division" event in New York, creative director Magnus Jansen said that the way he defined microtransactions was the player pays to win or spent money to get ahead or get to the goal. He said that they had no such thing in the game not have any plans for it. He added that they would have downloadable content that could be bought, but was not pay-to-win.

Announced during Ubisoft's E3 2013 press conference, "Tom Clancy's The Division" is set to be released on Mar. 8.

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