Toyota Prius 2016 Features and Price: Sleek Design, Improved Tech, Wider Spaced Model Around $24,000

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Toyota has revealed the 2016 version of its Prius model and in line with this, here are the details on the car's features, price, and release.
Toyota has revealed the 2016 version of its Prius model and in line with this, here are the details on the car’s features, price, and release. Twitter/@verge

Toyota has revealed the 2016 version of its Prius model and in line with this, here are the details on the car's features, price, and release.

The all-new 2016 Toyota Prius defines convention, according to Toyota's official website. The publication mentioned that the car's exterior is extremely beautiful with its dramatic new look, raising its exquisite bar to a higher model. The model has a sleek shape, specifically intended for a streamlined movement against the wind and its styled front and rear LED lights empowers its hybrid nature. Also, it sports 17-inch alloy wheels, to ensure that the hybrid model rolls the ramps with style.

Toyota's 2016 Prius blends comfort and technological revolution as evidenced by its interior. As per Toyota, the new model has adequate space, allowing its passengers to stretch out inside when they are tired or sleepy. The center console has also received a new shape to maintain the wide space of the model. The 2016 Prius also features a 7-inch touchscreen display, in addition to its 4.2-inch color dual multi-information display or MID, personalized screens, and Qi-compatible wireless smartphone charging technology.

With regard its performance, Toyota's 2016 Prius model features a double-wishbone rear suspension, which provides better handling response and smoother driving experience. Also, its chassis is more rigid, which gives higher level of comfort to its passengers and improves handling and breaking performance. The new model also features touring-tuned suspension, which favors drivers when they are on twisted paths, allowing them to have a more unique and exciting driving experience. Finally, the 2016 Toyota Prius also has a functional and stylish rear spoiler, which helps the car cheat with turbulent winds.

Tech is rising as one of the "must-features" in contemporary car models. As per Toyota, the 2016 Prius features an Intelligent Clearance Sonar, or the ICS, which scans for non-moving objects. Generally, this helps drivers prevent bumps and collisions with other objects or parked vehicles. If the system foresees a collision, the car will alert, reduce the output of the engine and the motor, and apply the brakes automatically. In addition, the car's Intelligent Parking Assist (IPA) system lets drivers locate an open parking space. It makes use of the Qi-compatible wireless charging, which lets drivers place their compatible device on the nonslip surface to charge them without using wires. Drivers can also regulate the temperature inside the car with its smart-flow climate control and enjoy music with the Entune Premium Audio.

Overall, the 2016 Prius' silent interior, solid handling and ride, huge cargo area, and fuel economy serve as the benefits of choosing the model to existing and aspiring drivers, as per US News. As per Toyota, the price of 2016 Prius is estimated to be at $24,200, which has no sign of increase from its predecessor, the 2015 Toyota Prius. Buyers can choose among six trim levels. According to Cars Direct, they are Two, Two Eco, Three, Three Touring, Four, and Four Touring.

Along with its features and price, details on the exact release date of Toyota's 2016 Prius model is yet to be revealed. Watch the Toyota Prius in action, driven by robbers, in the "chase in history" here.

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