Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Specs Rumors, Release Date Update: S7, S7 Edge Waterproof? Be Ready for a "Batman vs Superman' Edition, Insider Says

( [email protected] ) Feb 16, 2016 11:18 AM EST
Samsung to release a "Batman vs. Superman" edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge? Why not.
Samsung Galaxy S7 Front. Engadget

Samsung to release a "Batman vs. Superman" edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge? Why not.

Those who loved the "Iron Man" edition of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge released back in May 2015 but was not able to get one because it was extremely limited can now rejoice. There are rumors that Samsung is also currently contemplating more superhero-themed variants for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Rumors have it that a Samsung is thinking of releasing one based on "Batman vs. Superman." 

Considering how widely-anticipated the movie "Batman vs. Superman" is, Samsung may benefit by collaborating with DC to release its equally anticipated flagship phone with this theme. Korean blog Naver claimed that the S7 Edge in this comic-themed version can arrive by March or April, to be released at the same time as the standard model.

According to Phone Arena, a "Batman vs. Superman" S7 Edge version might indeed be released, but not before or at the same time as the standard S7 Edge model is out in the market. Knowing Samsung, the company will probably think it makes more marketing and business sense to release the limited version after the release of the standard model.

Releasing it on a later date makes it possible for the fans' excitement about the company and the S7 lineup will be sustained for quite a length of time. When it comes to its price, it is almost logical to expect that it will be sold at a steeper price.

In a related news by Engadget, while the official announcement and reveal of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are not until February 21st, a leaked video already allegedly showed what they looked like. If the video is to be believed, the duo is likely to be both waterproof. The video showed that the two flagship phones still look similar to the S6 lineup, but because the phones are being used in the rain, it is easy to assume that the phones are waterproof. 

Engadget also learned from a tipster that the rumored March 11th launch date of these phones is correct. Other rumors have it that the S7 lineups will have better camera quality, which is usually expected when it comes to next generation phones. According to Phone Probe, Samsung Indonesia web page described the S7 as "bringing light to the night," which implies that low-light camera performance can be expected. 

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