'19 Kids and Counting' Return Update: Duggar Family Caught filming Again, townspeople Angry

( [email protected] ) Feb 19, 2016 01:26 PM EST
There is new evidence that "19 Kids and Counting" is coming back. The Duggar family is said to have been spotted filming, again.
Will it be coming back? TLC

There is new evidence that "19 Kids and Counting" is coming back. The Duggar family is said to have been spotted filming, again.

According to In Touch Weekly, someone spotted the Duggar family in a store shopping with a camera crew in tow. Allegedly, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's 18-year-old daughter Joy-Anna were walking around Harps Food Store with her friend Sierra Jo Dominguez, while cameramen were trailing behind. "A camera crew was with them when they arrived in the parking lot, and another cameraman was waiting for them inside the supermarket," an eyewitness said. "They were shopping for supplies for a party Sierra was organizing. The film crew included one of the people who used to film for 19 Kids and Counting."

ET Online also have sources claiming the family is indeed filming, to the dismay of the townspeople. The source claimed that those who spotted the camera crew were not happy at all. The majority were surprised that the camera crew is back in town, and outraged. "There is a lot of hate regarding the family. After all, that has happened, this isn't the same family in many people's eyes," one local shared. 

Another source shared to ET Online that some members of the controversial family are still under contract with TLC while others have their contracts expiring by March. To have the series return will make business sense for both TLC and the family. The source added that the network is still keen on getting the family back on TV because they are still bankable. The Duggar girls' stories, in particular, are still interesting to many viewers. "I'm sure there will be more girls courting soon," the source explained. 

The insider even shared how Anna Duggar is currently faring, given Josh Duggar is still in rehab, and she has four kids depending on her. According to the source, Anna is heavily depending on her aunt, Deanna Duggar for support. Reportedly, Deanna is also facing her own marriage troubles.  She and her husband Terry Jordan are currently in counseling trying to save their marriage. Jordan has filed for a divorce December in Washington County, Arkansas. It remains to be seen if counseling will work for them. 

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