'Clash Royale' Tips And Strategies: Defense Not Offense, Preserve Elixirs

( [email protected] ) Mar 10, 2016 02:09 AM EST
Whether you are a newbie to "Clash Royale" or not, you will benefit from some tips and strategies. The game, which just released internationally last week, can be won, even if you feel like giving up already.
The follow-up to Clash of Clans is a digital card game called Clash Royale

Whether you are a newbie to "Clash Royale" or not, you will benefit from some tips and strategies. The game, which just released internationally last week, can be won, even if you feel like giving up already. 

Since the game was just released some time ago, chances are many are still going to be new to the game and may already be a bit frustrated when they cannot fully understand the game yet. If you are one of those who still has difficulty understanding the most effective game strategies or those who still have to experience a lot of wins, then some tips and strategies will not hurt. iDigitalTimes released some tips and strategies based on their own experience with the game. 

The first and most important tip is to get to know the cards to build a good deck. According to iDigital Times, it will be highly impossible to build a good deck without knowing what cards you are dealt with. You should be aware of how much elixir each card costs and the damage that they can each inflict. After knowing all these by heart, you can try them out in combination with other cards.

Another important tip is to have a balanced deck. Cheat Sheet said it is best to keep your deck varied in terms of card classes and elixir costs, you can be ready for all sorts of moves. Instead of filling your deck with heavy hitters, avoid doing so no matter how tempting this is. The more damage a card can do, the more elixir it can cost to use it. The lighter cards such as  Archers and Goblins also have their own use. They can serve as good back-ups. 

If your deck is weak, the best strategy to employ is to let your opponent attack first. According to Pocket Gamer, this is called playing mind games. "Clash Royale" is all about outwitting your opponent. If you let your opponent attack first, you can better build your defense. You can gauge better on what to do next if you can see which tower your opponent is targeting.

Another good strategy and tip is to manage your elixir sources well. Do not be tempted to use up almost all your elixir early in the game. Youth Health Mag stated that one of the most important resources in thisgame is its elixir. A player could only release a character if the character's elixir requirement is sufficient already. Each player is regularly replenished one elixir after another but maxes out at 10. Players have to maximize the use of their elixir and the best way to do it is to wait for the elixir to reach its full scale before launchig an attack. 

IDigital Times also advised on being more wise about choosing upgrades. Not all upgrades are worth getting. Common cards are better to upgrade because they are cheaper. Only use your precious gold to upgrade cards that you know will be used more frequently. 

GottaBeMobile also released an important tip.  Gamers should watch where they deploy troops. They must be strategic. Before making a move, gamers should try to foresee what their next moves already. They also need to think how long it will take for the elixir to regenerate.  Gamers should not just use what it is available for them, they have to think their moves through too.

The most important tip of course, to have fun and close off the game when needed to. You don't want to be too sick to play the next day, do you?  

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