Sarah Palin Thanks Supporters for Prayers, Shares Update Regarding Husband Todd Palin After Snowmobile Accident

( [email protected] ) Mar 15, 2016 10:23 AM EDT
Sarah Palin has thanked supporters for their prayers and shared updates after her husband, Todd Palin, was hospitalized after a serious snowmobile accident Sunday night.
"Todd is our rock...toughest guy I know," Sarah Palin wrote of her husband, Todd Palin, on March 14. Photo Credit: Facebook, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has thanked supporters for their prayers and shared updates after her husband, Todd Palin, was hospitalized following a serious snowmobile accident Sunday night.

"Todd Palin is in intensive care at an Alaskan hospital with injuries including multiple broken and fractured ribs, broken shoulder blade, broken clavicle, knee/leg injuries; and a collapsed lung," Palin wrote on Facebook on Tuesday morning. "He is presently back in surgery to repair multiple fractures. Thank you for your prayers for a speedy recovery. We, as his wife and children, appreciate your respect for our privacy during this time. Knowing Todd, once he's cognizant, he'll probably ask docs to duct tape him up and he'll call it good. He's tough."

The accident took former Alaska governor off the campaign trail for Donald Trump on Sunday; however, she made a surprise appearance in Tampa, Fla., on behalf of the GOP frontrunner Monday afternoon.

Fox News notes that In the appearance, Palin thanked the public for their prayers as her husband recovers, and criticized the media for their coverage of the riots and protests at recent Trump rallies. She encouraged voters to back the billionaire businessman, who she officially endorsed in January, calling him a "revolutionary" that the country needs.

Palin, who has five children with her husband, officially announced his accident on Monday night in a lengthy Facebook post, in which she referred to him as "the rock" of her family.

"Todd is our rock... toughest guy I know. Thank you for your prayers as he recovers following a snowmachine accident last night. You know, your prayers have meant so much to our family over the years and I've not thanked you enough for providing us that shield of faith. God bless you, too!"

She added, "As any adventurous Alaskan knows, while you may be down, you're never out. I remember Chris Kyle summed up Todd best - 'He's Rambo. Straight up Rambo!' On the cross country flights taking me back home now, I'm thinking of all of you, and sincerely appreciating your support."

Todd Palin, 51, is a veteran participant in Alaska's 2,000-mile (3,200-km) Iron Dog race involving snowmobiles that takes place each February, according to the race's website. 

His father, Jim, told The Associated Press in a phone interview that his son also had injuries to his collarbone and lungs, but he doesn't know the extent of those injuries.

He says he expects his son to recover fully, and referred to the crash Sunday night "one of those freak accidents" and says it happened around Petersville, about 70 miles north of Wasilla.