Steph Curry Lifted Up in Prayer by Lakewood Church Pastor John Gray, Fellow Christians After Knee Injury

( [email protected] ) Apr 26, 2016 11:37 AM EDT
Steph Curry was recently lifted up in prayer by Lakewood Church Associate Teaching Pastor John Gray after the Golden State Warriors star injured his knee during Friday's game
Apparently, the video game version of Steph Curry is not as good as the real one

Steph Curry was recently lifted up in prayer by Lakewood Church Associate Teaching Pastor John Gray after the Golden State Warriors star and the 2015 MVP injured his knee during Game 5 of the NBA Playoffs against the Houston Rockets. 

According to CBS Sports, the 28-year-old basketball player suffered a Grade 1 sprain of his medial collateral ligament after slipping on a wet spot on the court just before the game's halftime on Sunday night. 

CBN reveals that as he limped to the team bus after Friday's game, a group of supporters - including Pastor Gray - gathered around Curry to pray for his healing.

"I had a sick feeling in my stomach," one of the prayer supporters, Active Faith Sports CEO Lanny Smith, told the outlet. "But I just wanted to show him some support."

The game was Curry's first after missing two others because of a sprained right ankle, and a press release shared by the team said the NBA star will be "re-evaluated in two weeks." The Wall Street Journal notes that with that prognosis, Curry would be sidelined for part of the Western Conference semifinals, but he would be able to return this postseason, which means it isn't the worst-case scenario that Warriors fans feared.

On Monday, Gray re-tweeted a message from Curry, in which the athlete wrote: "Thanks 4 all the prayers & messages. Can feel all the positive energy. God is Great! All things considered I'm Gonna be alright! #DubNation."

Curry, who has two children with his wife, Ayesha, often speaks about his dedication to his Christian faith and is respected by teammates and coaches alike.

"He's a calm, cool, collected customer who has tremendous faith," Warriors coach Mark Jackson, who co-pastors a church in Van Nuys, Calif, told the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association earlier this year.

"He's the type of guy you look at and say, 'That's how I want my son to be,'" Jackson said. "It's a great testament to who he is and the God he serves. He comes from a great background and has a great foundation. I made sure to go to his parents and thank them for the way they raised him.

"It's been a tremendous blessing to me and my family to be able to coach him and trust this basketball team to him. If I'm going to bet the house on somebody - which is really what I'm doing - it's going to be a guy like that who has tremendous character."

Steph's father, Dell, also told the outlet that one of his son's favorite verses is Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" (NKJV).

While he may be competitive, Curry doesn't find his identity in his athletic ability: "He understands that everything is given by the Lord and that it can be taken away, too," Dell said.