Candace Cameron-Bure: 'I'm Disappointed With The Unpresidential Antics of The Republican Party'

( [email protected] ) Apr 28, 2016 12:01 PM EDT
Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure has said that while she identifies as a Republican, she is "disappointed" by the state of the party's presidential race
"Full House" actress Candace Cameron Bure co-hosts "The View." Photo Credit: YouTube

Christian actress Candace Cameron Bure has said that while she identifies as a Republican, she is "disappointed" by the state of the party's presidential race.

During a recent segment of "The View," Bure, who co-hosts the show, slammed Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for making derogatory comments regarding fellow candidate John Kasich's eating habits.

"It's incredibly disappointing," Bure said of Trump's comments. And you listen to Donald talk about how unpresidential John is eating, and how unpresidential are you being by pointing that out, Donald?"

The "Fuller House" actress continued, "I would like to see some maturity amongst the candidates and I'm not seeing that."

Trump took aim at Kasich during a TV interview earlier this week, saying, "This guy takes a pancake and he's shoving in his mouth. It's disgusting. Do you want that for your president? I don't think so."

Bure also shared her thoughts regarding Ted Cruz and Kasich's plan to team up against Trump, saying it was likely to fail. Cruz, the Texas senator, is ceding Oregon and New Mexico to Kasich, while Kasich in turn pledged to back out of Indiana.

"Of course it's not going well because everybody is out for themselves, not for the country. You're interested in yourself more than the vote for the delegates. I am disappointed in my party," she said.

"I have to tell you I'm disappointed in your party, too," fellow "View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in. "I'm disappointed, and I don't say that to be funny. Listen, my family took time out and fought for their safety to go and vote, so voting is a big deal. To me it's a big deal."

During a previous episode of "The View," Bure praised Cruz for striving to live by Christian values and said that she didn't appreciate Trump's use of the word "p****" when discussing the Texas Senator.

While she has never voted for a Democratic candidate, Bure told Fox & Friends she's not ruling out doing so this election season.

"You know, I'm really looking at everyone this year. I really am," she said. "I don't know who I am going to vote for at this point, I honestly don't, but I will pray about the decision."

Earlier this year, Bure said that while there is clearly no "perfect candidate" on either side, she's watching everyone closely.

"But for me it's about...who's going to put America back in the hands of the people and not so much the government," the "Dancing with the Stars" alum said.

In addition to co-hosting The View, Bure, best known for her role as DJ Tanner in "Full House," is currently prepping for "Fuller House" season two, a Netflix spinoff of the 80's sitcom.