Evangelism and leadership training succeeding in Nepal

( [email protected] ) Feb 27, 2004 09:47 PM EST

According to Christian Aid Mission, the ministry in Nepal, headed by a former Hindu priest reported last week to be having success in evangelism and leadership training in recent months.

Through gatherings throughout northern India and Mumbai (Bombay) hundreds of ethnic Nepalese have been introduced the Gospel. The ministry saw 12 new believers baptized in western Nepal in November and eight converts baptized in a newly planted church in the central part of the country in December. In addition, 68 men and women attended an eight-day discipleship training course in central Nepal in December. Participants must complete a Bible correspondence course and show exceptional promise of wanting to become effective witnesses in their communities. So far, more than 290,000 Nepalese have enrolled in the basic course designed to introduce those of Hindu background to Christ.