‘Battlefield 1/Battlefield 5’ Release Date, Beta Test, Season Pass, DLC, and Gameplay

May 11, 2016 11:38 PM EDT

There is no point in not stating this, but the fighting games of Call of Duty and Battlefield have had their own fight going on for years.  A recent trailer for the newest Call of Duty game Infinite Warfare has really caused fans to be in uproar, and it looks like EA DICE is bringing Battlefield back to its roots and beyond with Battlefield 5, which is actually going to be designated Battlefield 1.  This is what is currently known about Battlefield 1 with its release date, beta test, season pass, DLC, and all kinds of gameplay news. 

This might be as good of a time as any to address the name.  That is, the fact that there is a "1" after "Battlefield".  Generally, a sequel or even the original is not addressed with a "1" after its name, but there is a valid reason for this.  This could have easily been called Battlefield 5, but it takes place during World War I.  This means that this is the first Battlefield game from a chronological point of view, and since it has the World War I influence, why not put a "1" after the name as its designator? 

Most war games of this nature take place in World War II, but a recent trailer for the game has shown that Battlefield 1 will be full of warfare with tanks, biplanes, and even zeppelins.  This will also have the trench warfare that started in WW I, not to mention gas warfare and horse-mounted cavalry. 

For those that are worried that there will not be a good single player campaign with Battlefield 1, DICE says it will be there, according to Telegraph.  This might be to make up for Battlefield 3 and 4, as a lot of war games such as Star Wars Battlefront are really emphasizing the multiplayer option.  For those that want multiplayer, there will be 64-player matches across land, sea, and air.  Classes for the game include Assault, Medic, Scout, and Support, not to mention Tanker and Pilot, as well as horseback. 

Expect Battlefield 1 to be released on October 21, 2016 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (no release date for the PS3 or Xbox 360).  It is also possible to receive the "Early Enlister" edition which will allow you to receive the game on October 18.  Those that want to sign up for the open beta can sign up at EA Insider, but there isn't any word when the beta begins. 

As far as Downloadable Content (DLC) is concerned, there is no reason not to believe that a Season Pass won't be available, as the last three Battlefield games have had it.  Cinemablend states that there will be even more bonus editions, such as the PS4 has a Hellfighter Pack which has extra items for the game's main characters, the Harlem Hellfighters, as well as new maps.  The Xbox One is offering the Harlem Hellfights DLC pack and seven day early access to the map that they plan on releasing late 2016, with an entire month of free EA Access membership that they will throw in with the digital pre-order.