New Pixar's 'Finding Dory' Trailer Released: Movie Premiere Date and Trailer

( [email protected] ) May 25, 2016 12:53 PM EDT
Pixar and Disney floated out a new trailer Tuesday on the Ellen show for their underwater sequel, Finding Dory.  Here is the released preview of the film and release date
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Pixar and Disney floated out a new trailer Tuesday on the Ellen show for their underwater sequel, Finding Dory.  Here is the released preview of the film:

Finding Dory is said to take place six months after we last saw our characters in the original 2003 Finding Nemo movie. Dory, once again being played by Ellen DeGeneres is living with the clownfish Marlin(Albert Brooks) and Nemo, played by relative newcomer Hayden Rolence. Her short term memory will give her issues again in this film, but she will remember that she has a family. Dory is going to go looking for her parents- her mother voiced by Diane Keaton, and her father is Eugene Levy.

It appears from the trailer that on their way to finding her family, Dory gets trapped in a plastic soda ring. Good reminder to cut those rings so that ocean wildlife don't get trapped in them and die! Right before Nemo and Marlin find Dory, she is picked up by some people in a boat(or in a "butt," according to the young fish in the school from the first movie) and taken to California's Marine Life Institute, which is a wildlife rehabilitation center and aquarium. Other characters who will help Dory are Hank the octopus (Ed O'Neill); Bailey (Ty Burrell), who is a beluga whale with sonar issues; and Destiny ( Kaitlin Olson), a nearsighted whale shark.

It could be noted that many characters in the film will have some kind of disability, and it will be interesting to see what direction the film is going to go with these character's struggles. The "Just keep swimming," theme from the original will come back again in this movie.

Gill (Willem Dafoe) is back, as well as the damselfish Deb (Vicki Lewis) with her reflection sister. Bob Peterson plays Mr. Ray, and what would a Pixar film be without John Ratzenberger? He is, of course, back to play his role as the school of Moonfish.

Idris Elba and Dominic West are in the film playing two sea lions, who do a bit similar to the "Mine" seagulls from the original film. Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon will also appear in the movie as fish.

Ellen Degeneres didn't have a problem slipping back into the role as she told D23 recently, saying, "I was really surprised. I kind of worried that I would sound like Lauren Bacall all of a sudden. But it was easy. Dory is, I guess, really part of me. And so it surprised me how easy it was."

The director, Andrew Stanton, will reprise his role as Crush, the surfer sea turtle, also. According to E News, he says of his work, "It really is a whole new chapter this time. We're introducing new characters-each with his or her own unique voice. Everyone has something special to offer, which makes it fun and elevates the whole story. Finding Nemo was a great calling card when it came to casting this movie. I don't take that for granted."

Finding Dory swims into theaters on June 17th. For the 3D fans out there, the movie will be available in the 3D and real 3D format, so viewers can feel like they are in the ocean themselves 

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