‘Bojack Horseman’ Season 3 Release Date, With Ten Questions That Need to Be Addressed, Spoilers Ahead!

May 30, 2016 11:52 AM EDT

Two years ago, Netflix tried some adult-oriented animated content with Bojack Horseman, the story of a washed-up sitcom actor voiced by Will Arnett.  The half-man/half-horse Bojack lives in a world in an anthropomorphic world similar to Zootopia, but the show focuses on the show business world of Los Angeles.  Bojack Horseman will be back for Season 3, and this is everything that is known about the release date and ten questions that need to be addressed. 

1)       What Will Become of Princess Carolyn?

Princess Carolyn, Bojack's agent, played by Amy Sedaris, spent a lot of time mucking up after Bojack's messes in Season 1, and she had an episode centered around her then.  For Season 2, she had a plotline involving her relationship with Rutabaga Rabinowitz (Ben Schwartz), and they left their agency to start their own.  In the elevator on the way down, Princess Carolyn decided to break up with Rutabaga, and to run the new agency on her own.  The agency is in her name, and knowing Princess Carolyn, the feisty feline could be in over her head, more than she normally is. 

2)      Will Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter Stay Together?

Season 2 had Diane (Alison Brie) leaving the country to ghostwrite the autobiography of narcissistic billionaire "philanthropist" Sebastian St. Clair (Keegan-Michael Key).  She prematurely returned to L.A. but ignored her dog husband Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Thompkins) and crashed at Bojack's.  Fortunately, Princess Carolyn had hired Diane to write tweets for her new celebrity clients, including a dolphin popstar known as Sextina Aquafina (Aisha Tyler).  When Diane was meeting Sextina for lunch, she sees her husband, and they have an awkward cell phone conversation.  Mr. Peanutbutter stated that he would be happy to have Diane home, and it is presumed that she did go back home.  However, it would be difficult for anyone, even someone as easygoing as Mr. PeanutButter, to forgive something like that, especially after he finds out that she crashed at Bojack's, a man who tried to kiss her once. 

3)       Where is Bojack's Career Going?

Bojack was planning to go to New York to do some work on Broadway after his film based on Secretariat was done, but got distracted when he decided to go to New Mexico.  His film was finished without him thanks to the magic of computer effects, but Bojack was told to work on getting himself an Oscar.  He will have some help with Ana Spanikopita (Angela Bassett) who could end up in the third season. 

4)      Will Charlotte Press Charges for Harassment?

Bojack took a two-month detour to New Mexico to see his former deer girlfriend Charlotte Moore (Olivia Wilde).  He discovered that Charlotte is living with "Kyle and the kids", and Bojack decided to live in the driveway in a recently purchased houseboat.  It provided some family stability for Bojack, but he tried to take advantage of the situation and kissed Charlotte.  Then Charlotte caught Bojack in his bedroom along with her daughter, Penny. It is pretty ambiguous whether or not Bojack was going to try something with Penny, but Charlotte was furious with him and could have pressed charges of statutory rape.  She could do that. 

5)      Who is Jill Pill, and What is Bojack's Other TV Show?

At the end of Season 2, Bojack is on the phone with Princess Carolyn, and she says that a playwright named Jill Pill wants to work with him.  Jill has worked with Bojack before on TV, but it wasn't Bojack's most well-known show of Horsin' Around.  Apparently, Bojack has worked on some other show, but this has not been mentioned in the past.  What is this mysterious other show, and is this the reason why Bojack's career has remained stagnant for decades? 

6)       Will Wanda Pierce Return?

Wanda Pierce (Lisa Kudrow), the owl executive who spent the last few decades in a coma, was a love interest for Bojack in Season 2.  The reason why the broke up was rather petty, as Bojack was essentially feeling angst-ridden as ever.  She could quite easily return, even neither the show or Bojack has mentioned this character since then. 

7)       Will Hank Hippopopalous Return?

Last year, the allegations against Bill Cosby began to rise because of sexual harassment cases, and Bojack Horseman had a show about a TV hippo celebrity Hank Hippopotamus (Philip Baker Hall) with similar charges.  On the episode, it showed Hank essentially conquering the bad publicity that Diane exposed, but the Bill Cosby case is still in the news.  It is possible that the show could revisit what is essentially a one-shot plotline that could become a running one. 

8)       Is Todd Going to Come To His Own?

In Season 1, Bojack's squatter Todd (Aaron Paul) had a rock opera, and in Season 2, Todd had his own theme park of Disneyland (spelled deliberately with two i's).  He got himself into an improv group/cult, and Bojack got him out, finally confessing that he sees Todd as a friend.  It's pretty clear that the show would change direction if Todd left Bojack's place, but he needs to. 

9)      Will the Horsin' Around Cast Return Again?

One of the things that makes the otherwise serious show rather fun is that the flashback's to Bojack's now-nostalgic comedy show.  Season 2 had the cast reunite for the funeral of the show's creator, and it brought back Kristen Schaal as Sarah Lynn, a completely corrupted child star.  It would be interesting to see some reunion of them again. 

10)    Will Bojack and Diane Get Together?

Honestly, it feels like the show is attempting to tell some kind of love story between these two characters, but I wouldn't be surprised if the answer is "no".  Considering how Diane is married now to Mr. PeanutButter, that doesn't look final as Season 2 really had Diane make some bad decisions.  Granted, Mr. PeanutButter looks like he could forgive her, but Bojack could rekindle his feelings for Diane again in the next season. 

The fact is, it doesn't look like Bojack Horseman, in spite of its humor, is going to have a happy Hollywood ending.  In fact, the show kind of has a spoiler of how it might end for Bojack on the title sequence as he falls into his pool in a stupor and looks up to see Diane and Mr. PeanutButter looking down on him. 

Honestly, Bojack Horseman could easily go on for an infinite amount of seasons on Netflix, provided new cast and crew take over.  Season 3 is planning to show up on July 22nd, so check it out then.