'Chewbacca Mom' Candace Payne Receives Her Own Action Figure, Continues to Use Platform for Jesus

( [email protected] ) Jun 20, 2016 11:33 AM EDT
Candace Payne, the star of the viral "Chewbacca Mask Lady" Facebook video, has received an custom-made action figure in her likeness from Hasbro.
"Chewbacca mom" Candace Payne unveils her new action figure. AP Images for Hasbro

Candace Payne, the star of the viral "Chewbacca Mask Lady" Facebook video, has received an custom-made action figure in her likeness from Hasbro.

According to the AP, the Christian mother-of-two visited Hasbro headquarters with her family and was presented with her very own one-of-a-kind toy by Hasbro Chief Executive Officer Brian Goldner.

The figure maintains Chewbacca's body from the neck down, but the head is modeled in the likeness of Payne - and it even comes with a removable Chewbacca mask.

The figure also reportedly features 13 catchphrases, including, "That's not me making that noise, it's the mask," "I am such a happy Chewbacca," and her signature laugh.  

The Huffington Post reports that Payne, a worship leader at a church southwest of Dallas who frequently posts videos of herself singing worship songs online, unveiled her "Star Wars" toy at Hasbro's Rhode Island headquarters Friday:  "I have been gifted with something that's quite phenomenal. Some of y'all may cry with joy because it's just that great," she says before pulling off the action figure's mask to reveal her own face.

"Isn't that hilarious?" she said.

As earlier reported, Payne's video of her hysterically laughing while wearing Hasbro's toy Chewbacca mask has gained more than 157 million views on Facebook since she posted it nearly a month ago.

Since then, the Dallas, TX native has appeared on numerous talk shows and met "Star Wars" director J.J. Abrams and James Corden on the "Carpool" segment of "The Late Late Show." Her entire family received full scholarships to attend Florida's Southeastern University, and she attended the 2016 CMT Music Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

In every public appearance, Payne is quick to point to her Christian faith as the source of her joy and laughter.

"I have unashamedly said from day one that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ," she recently told Buzzfeed when asked about her obvious joy. "And I think sometimes we have painted a broad paintbrush on Christians to think that we're very narrow-minded, that we're bigoted, and that we're haters. But that's really not who we are, and I kind of apologize for anybody that's kind of painted us that way. But the truth is, my relationship with Jesus Christ has completely made me who I am, because He's told me who I am."

She added, "Once you know that you're a follower of God, and not just a god, but the God that created everything, your whole life changes. You don't have to impress anybody else because you got the one opinion that matters."

During an interview with News8, Payne revealed she will continue to use her platform to share the Good News of Jesus Christ as her joy continues to encourage those around her.

"They want that story of an average person feeling like you've been given the world, and that's what I feel like," she said. "I feel like I've been given the world, and the sky is the limit."